Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Back.... finally!

Well, I took a break... I thought that it was stupid for a 14 year old to blog. So, I stopped blogging. Then, one day i was talking to my phone buddy Lexi on the phone (who would've guessed right!) She told me that she LOVED my blog. So, with all the warm fuzzies inside of me I decided it was time to unretire! So, I'M BACK!!!

First, I hung out with my friend and ward buddy, Abbie! She's a gem. First of all because she's short, like me. Second of all she really likes being crazy, like me. Needless to say she's like me, which is the best! She is "going out" with this boy named Tyler Searle, (Can I just say going out is THE stupidest thing ever! What do you do at 14? NOTHING! Trust me all it is, is a way to say you like each other and you want to feel cool by saying you are "going out." There is no going out at all! It's lame) let me see if I can say this in a nice way.... He's kind of stupid.... Abbie and I were texting him, Well, let me refraise, I took Abbie's phone and was texting him. I used the words "Fret" and "Reluctently" He asked what both of them ment. Are you kidding me! Those are the easiest words ever! This boy is going into 9th grade and has the vocabulary of a 2nd grader. That's sad, and it was quite the disturbing sight!

Now, I just got back from Ceder City. The Shelbies (Lora, and Lisa, this year Tesha came too) and my family (My mom, Ashley, me and Lauren) all go down for the Shakespearean Festival. This year was my second year. I loved it! The Festival always play 6 plays; three shakespear and three non-shakespear. This year they played Much Ado about Nothing, Merchant of Venice, MacBeth, Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice, and The 39 Steps. All shakespear plays naturally were great! Great expectations was a musical, and horrible! 39 Steps was the comedy and Halarious, and Pride and Prejudice was good, but probably shouldn't be a play.... I'm already looking forward to next year! Actually I think we are going for the Fall plays too. They are playing Diary of Anne Frank! I'm going to read the book here pretty soon! I'm so excited!

Anyway, I'm glad to be back to sharing my life....that could get a little creepy... Hope you enjoy it cyber-stalkers!!