Sunday, May 29, 2011

"I'm Singin' in the Rain"

Things have been so crazy lately. Not really, but I like to think they are crazy... :) School is almost out and summer is in the midst. Except, for the past two weeks it has been raining non-stop here in Utah County. I don't really even care, though! I love the rain. The smell, the feel, the sound; it's one of the things in this world I could never get sick of. It's almost beating Cafe Rio! On Friday, me and my friend Mindi took a stroll around the block; in the rain. Boy, did that feel nice. I was soaking wet, and I had mascara running down my face which probably made people wonder, "who is this weirdo girl?" but the satisfaction of being wet and smelling like rain made it all better!

In other news, I finished my baby simulator assignment for Teen Living a few weeks ago. Just the fact that I can do whatever I want now, and that I'm not having to wake up three times during the night to pat its back or stick a bottle in its mouth and listen to it "eat" more that that bottle would hold in actuality, is heaven on earth. My baby was cute, though. I even dressed her up for church. :) And to make the sweet story sweeter, I got an A. Thank Goodness!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Big Apple: The End

The last day, in my opinion, probably was the best day. The other two days were fantastic, but this day was slower paced and I guess a "lazy day"

First, we went to the Temple. The Manhattan temple is one of the only two temples that is designed like a skyscraper. It was kind of weird actually. When you walk in the front doors you can go straight which will lead you to the baptistery. If you go down the hallway, you'll get to an elevator which takes you up to the other rooms of the temple, but if you walk in the front doors of the temple and turn to your right, there's a front desk with a worker sitting there to give information and she told us to go down the hallway to the elevator. We went up and entered into a church. They told us, the workers I mean, that that church is a regular church where family wards come and a singles ward comes. My dad kept saying, "Wow, it looks like the churches back home!" We had a good laugh at that one. It was almost as good as when we went to Hawaii and my mom was amazed at how many Hawaiians were there. :) That one will never die.

After the temple, we just walked around a bit. We saw Julliard:
And in the little place where all the people are walking. (You can kind of see it in the picture above) there was this little school orchestra playing.

We then proceeded to Central Park and ate lunch. Central Park really is amazing. It's so pretty and green and peaceful. As we were just strolling, me, Ashley, and Lauren played the song game. We had a word and each of us had to start singing a song that had that particular word in it. Basically, it just turned into the Brocious girls' version of the Enchanted soundtrack. The trees were also in bloom; this brought out the brides and we saw a couple of couples (haha) getting their pictures done. Being us, we took stalker pictures so that you can enjoy the lovely event also.

We spent the rest of the day at the Metropolitan Museum. This museum is huge! It has everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern art. It has real armor and swords and things from the medieval times. It has artifacts from early America too which was so cool! That description I just gave doesn't even tell the half of it. There is just so much to see in that museum! Three days might give you enough time to see everything. Maybe.

These little girls reminded me of Madeline!
They were here for school. I think their teacher was french-she had an accent- and they were just drawing. It put a little smile on my face. :)
This gate reminded me of The Sound of Music and made me want to go to Austria, and just Europe in general!

And then, the next day, we left. It was raining and stormy and exactly the same as when we had arrived. The trip back was a little ridiculous. We had a layover in Chicago and it was delayed another hour after the four we had already been there. We got home safe and sound, though, Saturday! The trip was so fun! The people and culture were just so new to me. I loved trying to feel like a New Yorker, and act like I know exactly what I'm doing on the streets. Trips in general are always so fun, and this one was most definitely a success!