Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blast From The Past

Today for young womens we had a chocolate and music appreciation night. We all brought our favorite chocolate treat along with a song that had a memory attached to it or even just a favorite song. Well, I wanted to get a song with a good memory attached to it, so I pulled out all of our old CDs: Now 19, Now 10, Yanni, The Judds. . . . and then I came upon a little tape, and this song started playing.

Because we were weird kids (but I'm finding out that most people my age did this when they were little) we made a ton of home videos, and this song was in most of them. listening to this song just brings back all of my childhood memories: cartwheels in the front yard during the summer, going over to Judy King's house every day to get a popsicle, rollerblading down the big hill on my street, of course making all of our movies like Big Booty, The Sisters, Sound of Music. . . Sometimes I miss those times. It was so simple and happy. It feels good to remember it, though, even if it's by listening to a simple song. 

The song I picked really wasn't the most interesting, though. . .

This story is simple. When I was younger, Sydney my cousin and I along with her brother Trevor would go on car rides at 10 o'clock at night. Those car rides consisted of the blasting of two songs- Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers and If I Didn't Have You by Emily Osmond and Mitchell Musso. We would go for hours listening to them over and over screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. The whole experience was so exhausting, but yet oh so fun!

In Memory of all my childhood memories, I came home and youtubed all of the old songs I would listen to over and over and over again.
 Does anyone remember the A*Teens?

Good spin on the ABBA song, right? :)

 This one was my absolute favorite. In my room, I had a little stereo and I would put my A*teen CD in it, put this song on repeat, and dance and sing for hours.

How about remembering the Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire? In one of the episodes, Miranda and Lizzie dance to the song called Us Against the World by Play. I will never forgive my mom for not getting it for me. . . .

Such quality the 90s had. :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome Summer

Well, I survived school. My projects were all turned in on time, my tests were passed, and everything worked out in the end. In the 16 years that I've lived on this earth, that is one the one thing that I have come to know over and over and over again. Everything will work out in the end. Everything.

Now, since I have neglected this blog for so long, I have a lot to catch up on. First and foremost. It is summer!!!! I love the summer with all my heart, and the warmth it brings is glorious.

This past memorial weekend, my mom, Lauren, and I went to St. George. It was such a great trip. After the week I had just experienced, I was determined to do absolutely nothing at all. Well, nothing at all is what we did. We ate and ate and slept and watched movies. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!
We also went hiking which is weird for me. I normally hate hiking. I think my heart has been changed with it, though. Don't tell my dad.

Wednesday and Thursday were yearbook day and graduation. Both of which I went to. It's weird that Lauren along with all of the seniors are graduated. I hung out a lot with the seniors and I keep telling them that now they are leaving, I'm going to have no friends. It's a joke, but seriously I'm going to miss those people! :)

After graduation, my family (My parents, both grandparents and Aunt Julie, and me and Lauren) went to The Spaghetti Factory. I love that place so much and the spumoni ice cream.

To celebrate our new freedom, Lauren and I joined the Dunyons at the Rio Tinto stadium to watch a Real Soccer Game. It was such a good time even if Real lost. I was taken back to Chicago when we went to the cubs game. They sucked, but the experience was awesome!

 Number 17 is Chris Wingert. One day, he will be my husband. :)

Contrary to the freedom you just witnessed above, my summer is actually going to be quite restrained. Until July 15th that is. I am doing MATC for culinary arts next year as well as my senior year, and because of that, I am eliminating an entire school year worth of classes, which means I have to do a lot of online school to make up for the classes I'll miss. Currently, I'm working on Financial Lit. I worked on it for a couple of hours yesterday, and got done with the first section of my quarter. Only two more to go!  I have two other classes after that: Art history and Sociology. EHS (electronic high school) is switching over to a new program in which you have to pay on July 15th, so I'm going to be in a mad rush to get those done. I'm not too worried about it, though. I just keep listening to this song, and my spirits are lifted! :)

 Also, Me and Shaylee found a place which we now call our spot!
 Beautiful isn't it? I will be going to it often this summer. :)