Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And The Stress Begins

Honestly, school sucks right now. I know that I was going to be optimistic, yeah, yeah, yeah. But let's face it, people, teachers pile on the homework- homework that is almost impossible to do in one night.

Example A) Chemistry- teacher: Adamson. We have chapter 1.2 notes due tomorrow. The assignment goes like this: look over the chapter in about 5 seconds, go through the chapter again, but this time, write the bolded headers down on the left side of your paper about 2/3 of the way. Then, create a line. On the right side of the paper, write good notes as you read through the chapter. When you are finished, review your notes and answer the questions on the website. Okay, it doesn't sound bad. . . guess how long it took me? From 3:30 to 8:00. You do the math; my brain is fried. On top of the notes is another assignment on the website. For this one we watched videos and answered "fill in the blank" questions. It's basically a guessing game for each blank. I was quite annoyed when the correct answers were "long" and "short", but I put in "lengthened" and "shortened." I was docked points. . . for the same exact words.

Example B) Driver's Ed- teacher: Casper but she's not there. We had a sub; Coach what's-his-face. We have a quiz tomorrow that I was supposed to study for. The only problem? The sub, coach something, didn't teach us at all. He stood in front of the white board "drawing" the route. Except, we couldn't see the lines because he was drawing too light, and there were so many lines by the end we couldn't tell where they started and where they ended. So, I'm going into a quiz tomorrow knowing absolutely nothing and not being able to do anything about it.

Again, I know it sounds like nothing, but really, it's 10:19 and I don't feel even close to ready for school tomorrow, but I have to because early morning seminary is tomorrow morning which means the alarm goes off at 4:45. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over, even if it is Thursday, the best day of the week. I guess, that's one good, optimistic thing about tomorrow.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer-ism. . . but, me and stress don't get along very well.


A little story:
I was sitting in English today; talking. 
You know, what I usually do. 
(this was not during any lecture or lesson, so I am happy to say it was correct talking) 
I was talking to this kid about something that has left my head at this moment. . . 
It's not important, though.
Anyway, I was talking to this kid:
 When I ended my phrase, I was going to say this boy's name. 
I knew it was David, but when I went to say it, it didn't sound right, 
so, as I said it, I faltered and looked at him questioningly. 
And then he said, "Big Wave Dave" 
In my head I said, "Whaaa?!" 
but out loud I said, "Oh, haha, but your name is David, right?"
I was right. 
And then I asked, "You know my name right?" 
And he said, "Ashley?" 
In my head I said, "Whoa, that's kind of weird he just said that." 
Out loud I said, "No! That's my sister's name." 
And then he said, "Well, you must look just like her." 
And I said, "Actually, I do! But my name is Sidney."
And then, the conversation ended.

(Sorry, Ash, I didn't name this post specifically for you. . . I guess you'll just have to get used to people thinking you're me and I'm you. Be safe in China! :))

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scared-y Dog

Last night, as most of you know, there was a ginormous rain storm. I mean, the lightning lit up the sky, the thunder made the windows rattle, and the rain sounded like a sprinkler was stuck and just was watering your window. Am I complaining, though? Of course not! Lightning is probably one of the coolest sights, thunder is the best sound in all of the world, and rain is the best smell and feel. {I played night games just down the street, and I had to run home in the rain. I was soaked. :)}

I decided to stay up late, though, and so, a funny little thing happened. The parents and sister had all gone to bed, leaving the upstairs dark. I was downstairs on the computer, doing EHS. Lightning would flash; thunder boomed 5 seconds later, and the dog was freaking out. So, she came and layed by me. Let me remind you that the dog does not like me at all.

Then, I went to bed. I turned off all the lights except my lamp, so I could read a little. And who comes shyly into my room? Oh, none other than Ginny. I thought it was so funny! So, I had to take a picture of it. First, to prove that it actually happened (I think the dog has only been in my room like twice), and so you can laugh too.
(Sorry, creepy eyes)
She was a silly dog last night being all scared. Maybe there will be lots of rain storms. That way, she can keep coming into my room to be comforted by my light. We could really start to bond. . . :)

Also, when I ran up to get the camera, this was just on the floor:

I don't even know what it is! All I know is that it's huge and it gave me a fright.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Concerts

Did you know that there are free concerts in Orem at the Scera Shell?! Well, there are, and my good friend Shay kindly invited me to tag along with her and Danielle Frost to one of them tonight. It was such a good time with quality music! The basis of it was for charity for a group called Now I Can which helps families with disabled children who can't afford physical therapy.

They had Lindsey Stirling- an AMAZING violinist!

Dyer Highway- Tel, Tiann and Mady Dyer. I was so super, duper excited when they said they were performing! Mady and Tiann are two of my best friends both of which are sooo talented! You should buy their album? You'll enjoy it. :)

The One Voice Children's Choir- these kids can sing! I was so amazed by all of their voices. It's my dream to sing, and they just made me want to sing that much more!

And then. . .. They had this group called: The Answer. They were amazing, and I was infatuated with every single one of the guys in the band. They had amazing voices, their songs were deep and meaningful, and they didn't even sound cliche or like an amateur boy band. They are easily on my top 5 which kind of sucks seeing as they're brand new and don't have an album yet. Jerrett Burns, one of the lead singers, does, though, so I'll just have to get that. :)

So, lesson learned today? Go to the Scera Shell more often for free concerts; they're good!

Long Days have ended; Cardigans Are Coming

High School. 
Do you understand that I've been waiting for this time of my life 
uh. . . all my life, 
and now it's just suddenly here, thrust upon me? 
I love high school with a passion, though. It really is great. 
Why? Well. . .

1. Everybody is friendly. Even the once unfriendly people you would have ran away from in junior high

2. I eat lunch outside everyday

3. My locker buddy is Bailey Crump. I was so glad she didn't steal my lunch! 

A little story: Honestly, on the first day, high school gave me a fright (what movie? :) It's my favorite!). And what might you ask was I most scared about? My locker buddy stealing my lunch. I didn't know who they were, and I convinced myself that they were some big bully that wanted my lunch which consisted of goldfish, a sandwich and carrots. But, yesterday, Bailey was there at "the locker" and boy was I glad to become aware that my lunch will not be stolen this year. Thanks, Bailey, you're a gem, and a good locker buddy!

4. I feel important by my teachers

5. I made 3 new friends: Chandler (girl) Hayley (she has pretty long hair and wears cool vintage boots) and Kenzie (she's in french with me; enough said)

6. Madam Mcfarland is the absolute best. The language of french is also very nice. I enjoy that class. I think it's the best that there's only 17 people? 

7. We're singing all love songs in choir. Love songs just might be the funnest songs. . . also, two of them are by the Supremes. Go look those lovely girls up. :) 

8. Mrs. Warby reminds me of Julia Childs, and makes me laugh for 83 minutes every B day. Her laugh also just might be one of the most contagious. Also, I really enjoy pretending like I can sing, so the class of just singing is kind of a good time.

9. I love the hallways. I don't know why- I just do.

10. I love  meeting new cute boys like I did today :)

11. I think seeing the color guard and Cory, the director, every morning is enjoyable. It brings back memories and I like to remember things. A lot.

12. I like Driver's Ed. 

13. My seminary teacher Brother Mcguire is the best. He knows how to get the spirit to touch me personally ever time. It's only been twice, but still.

13. I even like chemistry. My teacher teachers unlike last year (grrr, Mrs. Bates! That's what Mrs. Warby would say. . . :))

Another story: I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning last night doing Chemistry. I didn't like it very much then. I didn't like anything school at that time. My point, though, is that I thought some notes were due today in Chemistry. They weren't, and so I could have gotten the full 8 hours I needed instead of the actual 4 that I got. My eyes have been drooping all day and my concentration level is at zero.

In any case, high school is great. My classes are great, I'm not lost in the school- as much- anymore, my lunch was not and will not get stolen, and I can sleep in tomorrow.

I also feel like doing this. It's been awhile, and dance parties are the greatest!

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Still Warm

School starts in two days. Two. What are my thoughts on the ordeal? I'm scared to death. I'm scared that I'm going to get lost and walk in class late, my teacher yells at me, and I'm embarrassed for the rest of my life; I'm scared to date; I'm scared to drive (you should be too. . . ) I'm scared that I'm going to get trampled in the hallway, and I'm scared that I'll be too awkward and shy. But you know what I'm not scared of? I'm not scared of the school part of it. I know that it will be okay, because I've made a commitment to do well this year. To stay focused, and have a good attitude, because that's the only way anything will work out, right? If I go into that big building with the desire to have a good day and the want to be in English or French or whatever class, then it's going to happen-- no questions about it; it's the truth. So, in two days, American Fork High better be ready for Sidney Brocious, and I'll eventually be ready for American Fork High. That's so weird that I'm in high school.

This last week of summer, though, has been. . . normal? I didn't think about school; I only thought about summer, and staying relaxed. I've been school shopping twice, and my wardrobe for the year consists of three outfits (It will raise to five tomorrow). Last year, I would have been freaking out at that fact, but I've been picky this year. I've realized, too, that I can even keep shopping during the year (who would have thought?!). So, the clothes don't need to be shelved until school starts, and the money doesn't have to be gone a week before the first day. I do have my first day of school outfit picked out, though! Two words: pleated pants. :)

I actually finished my packet finally, and that feels like quite the weight off my shoulders. 50 pages of grammar is hard, but most of it consisted of getting together with friends and having a good time, so it's fine. :)

And what am I doing to end my summer with a bang? Trafalga, AFY company 2 BBQ, and listening to music. The latter will most likely take up the majority. I've currently been obsessed with the songs: My Love by Sia and White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons. (you can find them both at the sidebar; enjoy, please!) In fact, at this very moment, they are both on a loop on my Groovshark, so I'll enjoy with you. :) C'est Bon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Hey! Meet The Fam

My sister is going to China for four long months. And so she said to me, "Sid, you better post something every single day." And seeing as she isn't wanting to hear about a 15 year old's woes at the old (or new?) high school, the family-and dog-is going to be a large topic around this old bloggy town. And seeing as most of the readers who actually read my blog (if you want updates on the fam, you're gonna have to read, Ash. . . ) are not in the know of my good old family, I'm going tell you who's who and what's what. Ready? Okay, good.

 This good man is my papa. His name is Rod. Actually it's Rodney. . . we call him Rod, though. Well, I call him dad, but. . . anyway, his name is Rod. He engineers during the day and at night he spends his days in a house full of girls. We have converted him to Pride and Prejudice and many other chick flicks, and he tries to get us to like sports. Lauren (You'll meet her later) is the only winner. He tries to be funny all the time, and sometimes he is. Like when he's giving a talk in sacrament meeting and tells Christian Succo, who, prior, had been talking about P90X, "If you keep going, you'll look just like me." Sometimes I have to get after him and tell him that he can't talk to my friends because he is too weird. He does anyway. It's okay, though, we still love him.
I am aware you can't see her face. The woman won't let anyone take a picture of her. If you just put my face in where her face should be, you'll be good.
This is the momma of the family. Her name is Liz. Just like my dad, her full name is Elizabeth, but we, you call her Liz. She brings in the whole reading, writing aspect of my personality (or any of my sisters' personalities) She's teaching at UVU "ethics and values" and she's the go to person for anything English. I usually have to tell her to speak English instead of the high intellectual language when she explains, but it's kind of nice having the help anyway.
Disregard Lauren in the background
This here is Ashley, the one going to China. She's 20; 21 in September. She goes to BYU and is majoring in English. A.K.A the family business. She's 4'11" like me (You don't have half an inch on me, Ash, face it) and when she comes home, her clothing doubles up as a second wardrobe for me. It's nice. ;) She makes us laugh with her random names for the dog, witty remarks, and weirdo dance moves.

This is Lauren. Haha, the picture basically sums it up. She's in 12th grade, and plays on the soccer team. I would try to tell you her actual position on the team, but I might get the technicality of it wrong. Defender is my dumbed down version of it. She also, like Ashley, has weirdo dance moves, and her and I break out in dance at least once during the day. Lauren's in love with french. She is marrying a french man and he will be attractive and I will visit her in France, no, I will live with her in France when she's there. She's always studying, which is a great thing, but sometimes makes me feel unqualified to be in her presence. You're too smart for me, Lou. . . Haha, I'm kidding. :) She really is quite a scholar student, though!

Last but not least is the dog; Ginny. She's the baby, and is spoiled rotten. Not to mention obese. She dislikes almost everybody except Dad, Lauren, and Mom. In that order. Ashley is on the iffy side, but me? No, I'm the enemy. She tries to bite me everyday, but she always gets in trouble so she licks my hand as she bares her teeth. It's a funny sight and I just tell her she has a pretty smile. According to Ashley, she can only be talked to in baby talk, and unfortunately, that's all we talk to her in. It's okay if you don't like her. Most people don't. . . :)

So, there you have it! The Brocious family that lives in the yellow house. I hope I don't bore those few people who read this blog with random stories about the above people. . . It's for a purpose, so it counts for something.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Run or Not to Run

These are my running shoes. I got them for my birthday last year, and as you can see, the white part is still awfully white. The only reason and excuse I have for this whiteness is that they are never used enough. This might be because they suck. I have a scar on the arch of my foot from a blister. Who was the culprit? These gray, pink, and still showing white things. But it also might be because I don't go running. Ever. I'm going with the latter. The past four days I've been enjoying the Utah Shakespeare Festival. (to be said in a highly dramatized voice of one of the members of the Greenshow cast. You don't know what that is or how that sounds? Maybe it's time for you to take a trip the the Shakespeare festival. . . ) This is where I ate food that practically had one ingredient: fat. And honestly, I feel like the most unhealthy person ever. So, last night, I was laying in my bed planning out my running route; getting super, duper excited. Then I fell asleep. Sleep always ruins running excitement.

 ~See, a little insight on how I work. My mind loves to run. . . once it's running. But my body never has and never will~

So, I woke up. Every ounce of excitement gone out of my head into who knows where. And I tried and tried to get my mind focused and ready for the run. And then, when I was somewhat excited, my stomach got an achy, churning feeling in it, my legs glued themselves to where I was standing, and the ability to go running evaporated. Lovely, right? NO!

So, I didn't go running this morning. My conscience will most definitely me eating away at me all day long. I guess this is why they invented P90X, but that's a whole different motivational story.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh! The Places You Will Go

This past week was the American Fork Hillcrest Stake girl's camp up at Heber Valley Camp. I'm going to reiterate what my bishop, Bishop Pulley, told my ward, the 23rd ward: "Miracles have taken place this week."  Truly the five days of not so camping were so amazing, it's almost impossible to describe to you everything that happened. I guess it doesn't really help that I didn't take ANY pictures, nor did any of my family members who were also there. You'll just have to put on your reading glasses for this one, sorry.

Well, to start, our theme was Oh! The Places You Will Go, and the sub theme was Write Your Own Story. These two themes were so appropriate for our ward, I think. We have five girls leaving us for good because they are graduating. (And it hurts our numbers horribly). They're off to college, though, and so the fact that we spent all of camp centered around how to write our own story and seeing the potential we have. . . the theme was definitely inspired.

This year, we had new camp directors and so they planned and planned and planned! Seriously, we only had about a half an hour of free time, at most, a day. If that, too! It was okay, though, the activities that were planned were so fun and good. I hardly remember being tired, all I know is I was having fun. On the first night, we had a devotional given by Sister Hewitt. She talked to us about the paths we are wanting to take and the decisions we make depending on those paths. She also talked to us about Christ-like attributes we had. At the end of the lesson, she handed out letters our mothers-or fathers-had written to us. My mom wrote mine, and you know, never once have I heard such powerful words come off paper before. I knew this girl's camp was going to be amazing just by that. I also knew it was going to be an emotional one. Seeing as I was already crying on the first night. . . I was done for.

A little side note: Brociouses don't cry; we shake. It's weird, but true. For testimony meetings or spiritual things, we always start to shake instead of cry. So, when you hear about me crying, it's a secret! My shaking reputation cannot, I repeat, cannot be ruined! Thank you. :)

The second day, was a slow starting one. I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. But, I got up, ate breakfast, and off I went with the ward to the challenge course. Usually, my ward stays together for this, because we are so little, but the 3rd ward was there with us. So we had to split up, because of their large numbers. This turned out to be O.K., though. I was put into a group with Lindsey Durfey, who is one of my close friends. I was also in that group with a girl named Jordann Alldrege. Her and I knew each other before, but we really got to know each other and became closer through the challenge course. The coolest thing that happened there, though, was Sister Mooney, from the 3rd ward, did the big challenge. (You went up a tree trunk, slid over a wire, and got to the eagle's nest where you were hooked onto a zip line) Sister Mooney had something happen to her brain resulting in half of her body not working. So people would think it was impossible for her to do it. It was; alone. But one of the expert helpers was with her the entire way. And she did it! she made it all they way up, over, and down the zip line. It was a testimony to everyone there that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Whatever the struggle is, whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual, there is always someone there to go up the tree trunk, across the wire, and onto the eagle's nest with you, to help you and lift you up when your own strength cannot.

That night was skit night and I was able to sit next to Tiffany Fraughton and Jordann Alldrege. I don't think we watched even one skit. We were busy talking about a girl's favorite subject. Boys. A boy in particular whom I will not share the name of. Most people who are reading, though, can probably guess. Anyway, we laughed the entire time. I mean the entire time. It was fun.

Wednesday night was our fireside night. Sister Brown, Sister Bird, and President Welch came and spoke to us. This is where I can't describe it very well. The spirit was most definitely there that night as we heard about Sister Browns childhood going from home to home, and finally being converted to the gospel, which she soaked up like a sponge. I think we all need to do that. Soak it up. Never think you can get enough, because there's always more things to learn, more things to gain, and more spirit to feel. We heard about Sister Bird's 6 year journey in getting into the Tabernacle Choir. If I took at least one thing from her, which I took a lot more, it's this: Press Forward.

When President Welch got up and spoke, he had his wife Michelle stand up and bear her testimony. Sister Welch has the most amazing spirit about her, and when she was done and President Welch was done, and we were all standing up to do our singing tree, Sister Welch looked at me and smiled. Immediately, this warm, loved feeling came over me and tears sprung up in my eyes. As we sang "Happily Ever After," the teasing tears already in my eyes started coming faster and faster and faster and that warm, loved feeling grew more and more and more. All I could think of was my friends. What a blessing each of them are in my life. Tiff and Jordann the most. The night before, Tiff told me, "Sid, you're, like, one of my best friends." And as I sang this song, I thought of those nights that I would sit on the side of my bed pleading with my Father in Heaven to make all the friend problems go away. When Tiffany told me that the night before, I don't think she realized it, but she truly was the answer to my prayers. The power of prayer is real. I knew with a surety that it was in those short five minutes of singing.

And to end the entire week, Thursday night, at our night devotional, Sister Jones, along with President Welch and the Manuela family presented an award in memory of Jolynn to one of the beautiful girls of the 27th ward. When I went to give Sister Manuela a hug, I thanked her for her amazing spirit. She just looked at me and said, "It's not me, it's just Heavenly Father showing his love through us." Isn't that amazing how He can do that?

After the night devotional, our separate wards had testimony meetings. And this is where the miracles truly happened in our ward. All of us girls were given a candle at the beginning and were told that our testimonies are just us spreading light which is the word of God. As I looked around at the beginning, I saw that none, except a few of the leaders, were lit and everything looked so dark. I just had a thought go through my head saying, "you don't want to be like that; dark. Get up, light your candle, share your light." And I think Sister Hewitt heard my thoughts because she leaned over to me and told me, "Sid, start us off." But right as she told me that, Tiffany got up. That's okay, though. I got up after. And as I think about it, the want and desire to get up and share my testimony first is a testimony in of itself, which is newly developed. It's kind of amazing how much we grow in just a year.

What truly were miracles, though, were three girls in particular. Over this week, we had two girls, who were not active at all, listen to the lessons and feel something. And on Thursday night, those two girls got up and bore their amazing newly found testimonies. The other girl struggles with everything. ADHD, depression, bipolar, dyslexia, etc. She has struggled a lot with friends and with family. Her father abused her while she grew up and just last summer, he left their family. Her depression reigns out the most and because of that, she doesn't handle a lot of her problems in a healthy way. This night, though, when she got up and bore her testimony, she talked about everything. She let the hurt show through, and she dealt with it. Her testimony returned to her and that is amazing. 

Camp was needed for the 23rd ward this year, and every need was met. This gospel is amazing; the spirit is amazing. It really is the true church and I know that because I feel it in my chest with a burning that is completely undeniable. No other church is as happy and loving as this one is. I don't know where I would be without prayer, without my family, without my friends. For five days I was shown my potential, and I am ready to write MY amazing story!