Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Order of Panda and Wonderland

Do you know what the best way to spend a Friday night is? Watching two movies and eating fast food, knowing you're going to get fat, but don't care!
Also, all of these lovely things are done with your sister. Yes, I said sister, and I'm not even an adult yet! Last night, my sister Lauren and I were home alone, so we decided to just put aside our differences and be each other's friend and company. (Mom and Dad had left us in the dust as they went to Mimi's Cafe with all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents)In about 20 seconds of the parents' departure, we hit a delema. We had absolutely no idea what to get for dinner. ( All of A.F.'s restaurants are either sit down or meat/hamburger joints, and seeing that Lauren is a Vegetarian, these kinds of desicions are really, really hard!) I automatically said Cafe Rio, but surpisingly it didn't sound good at that moment. Even to me! Lauren said Paradise Bakery, but I didn't feel like sitting down. Even though Paradise is delicious! So, we met an agreement on Panda Express. You know, Panda is pretty amazing for fast food.It really was best of both worlds, Lauren got her vegetarian food and I got my meat. We were both happy.The second half to this story, is equally as delicious as Panda: we watched two movies, right in a row! Alice in Wonderland. The new one which is, if you ask me, pretty darn good. Lauren said it wasn't as good as she expected it to be, but really, all Lauren wants to watch is some French movie. After Alice, we watched Pheobe in Wonderland. I recommend this movie to everybody!