Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Is Coming, Christmas Is Coming!

You always know that Christmas is coming when your sister makes you listen to 100.3, the local christmas music station, before Halloween is even here! And can I say, I am soooo excited!

Christmas truly is the happiest time of year! Today, As I was watching my Holocaust documentary show, my mom was shopping online for christmas gifts. Everytime I walked by I had to pull my blanket over my face so "I wouldn't see." Mother's sometimes..... :)
It really is Christmas season though, now that Thanksgiving is over! And can I just say, It didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all! It felt way too early. Nonetheless, it was Thansgiving.
I am thankful for one thing in particular. That one this is, I'm thankful for the fact that The Brocious family could get all get together without huge fights breaking out! It felt like our family was actually normal! :) The food was amazing, though. Thanks to Auntie Julie and her amazing cooking skills. Also, to all of the aunts because, seriously, there was TONS of food there!! At least six pounds of stuffing. No joke.

Anyway, I will definitely be singing christmas jingles in my head from now on. Or at least for the next three months!
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New year!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

An Angelic Romance

This boy is quite a boy. His name is Jean-Baptiste Maunier. He's french, sings like an angel, and is the most gorgeous person I have ever beheld in my entire life. This is when he was like 13 or 14. He for some reason hadn't gone through puberty.... I don't really care. His voice is beautiful.

Here's another. I love this song. It almost brings me to tears everytime I hear it.

But, Unfortunately, Jean-Baptiste did go through retched puberty. He doesn't sing like this anymore, but he does sing. Not as good though.
The best part though, is that he is even more attractive now then he was back then!

And Another:

I will meet him one day and he will fall madly in love with me. It's just a matter of time :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So, today, Tuesday, I had young womens. The Mia Maid leaders decided they would ditch out on their 3 only girls! Just kidding, they didn't. They had things, so couldn't make it.
It worked out fine. Us three Mia Maids just joined in with the other seven Laurals and it worked out great! Best of all, we went to the dinosaur museum and played in the sand and water!!

After these great adventures, my friend Megan and I had a dance party in the car. Those are THE most fun things ever. We have one at LEAST once a week. :) Tonight, we decided we needed some food. Megan and I whipped over to our local Macey's and....

Two boxes of fruit snacks, eight Pixy Stix, four donuts and one otter pop drink.
Let's just say we didn't put heath in mind. I feel really sick right now from all of it too. I ate one too many donuts that's for sure!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Consulting Style

So last week my Aunt Lisa called my house. She invited me to come to lunch because her daughter (Kayley) wouldn't. (Lisa talked her into coming anyway. ha) Of course I accepted! Well, as we were there Lisa asked me if I wanted to come be their "Style Consultant" as Kayley started her school shopping. Again, I accepted. Of course! Not because I'm so stylish, because I'm not, but because I love shopping! And Being with Lisa and Kayley isn't too shabby either :)
Kayley had this way cute top from Aeropostale.

They needed help finding a shirt that could go under it to make it modest. Well, I gave them the idea that they should find a cute green cardigan to go over it instead of searching for a plain T-shirt that "matched.
(A little side note. My motto for shopping is this: And, I learned this from TLC's What Not To Wear, Find things that don't match, but go. Just a thought :)
Anyway, Lisa and Kayley both seemed to like the idea. They still wanted the shirt to go under though just to have options. Fair enough.
Urban Wear was the first store of the search. Instantly I found this purple cardigan that I thought would go perfectly! And it did! It looked way cute! Even more cute than a green cardigan. Which, by the way, we found. Kayley just didn't like it as much as the purple. And, bonus, it went great with her Eggplant Rocket Dogs she got at Famous Footwear!

Needless to say, I think I did a great job conulsting the Tait's style :) Kayley will sure look cute this school year!
Espeacially with her new yellow hat that she absolutely LOVES!!

Also, I decided to take a picture of my cute school clothes. I love them. Especially my black great-grandma shoes in the middle. They are my absolute favorite things in the world!

I'm still not ready for school though. I'm in shock that it's only one week away. Where the heck did summer go? I still don't have my schedule either! Panic mode is setting in a little...
We just need a few more months.. I would say, hmmm, maybe 9? Yeah, I think that would be great

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Summer

Summer is going by so fast! Too fast! I always am depressed the first month of school, and count down the remaining days until summer the first day of school! I can't wait until I move to Hawaii and have summer all year round!!
Speaking of Hawaii, I can't wait until I go next year for EFY! Allie (the girl I am going with) and I are doing a day camp to earn money. It's going for two weeks. This week is the last week, and it's at my house. With kids in my nieghborhood. So far only five kids have signed up.... Hopefully more will show up tomorrow.
Anyway, our day camp last week went great! We got 21 kids and over 200 dollars!

We start out everyday with coloring... A lot of the kids liked it. These were the older kids. I don't think they were too thrilled with coloring, but they did it anyway!

(these pictures are all on the first day. I'm not the best picture taker)
We did bubbles too. Did you know kids LOVE bubbles? It's true!

These girls stayed with me while everybody else was doing the craft! They are the cutest.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Back.... finally!

Well, I took a break... I thought that it was stupid for a 14 year old to blog. So, I stopped blogging. Then, one day i was talking to my phone buddy Lexi on the phone (who would've guessed right!) She told me that she LOVED my blog. So, with all the warm fuzzies inside of me I decided it was time to unretire! So, I'M BACK!!!

First, I hung out with my friend and ward buddy, Abbie! She's a gem. First of all because she's short, like me. Second of all she really likes being crazy, like me. Needless to say she's like me, which is the best! She is "going out" with this boy named Tyler Searle, (Can I just say going out is THE stupidest thing ever! What do you do at 14? NOTHING! Trust me all it is, is a way to say you like each other and you want to feel cool by saying you are "going out." There is no going out at all! It's lame) let me see if I can say this in a nice way.... He's kind of stupid.... Abbie and I were texting him, Well, let me refraise, I took Abbie's phone and was texting him. I used the words "Fret" and "Reluctently" He asked what both of them ment. Are you kidding me! Those are the easiest words ever! This boy is going into 9th grade and has the vocabulary of a 2nd grader. That's sad, and it was quite the disturbing sight!

Now, I just got back from Ceder City. The Shelbies (Lora, and Lisa, this year Tesha came too) and my family (My mom, Ashley, me and Lauren) all go down for the Shakespearean Festival. This year was my second year. I loved it! The Festival always play 6 plays; three shakespear and three non-shakespear. This year they played Much Ado about Nothing, Merchant of Venice, MacBeth, Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice, and The 39 Steps. All shakespear plays naturally were great! Great expectations was a musical, and horrible! 39 Steps was the comedy and Halarious, and Pride and Prejudice was good, but probably shouldn't be a play.... I'm already looking forward to next year! Actually I think we are going for the Fall plays too. They are playing Diary of Anne Frank! I'm going to read the book here pretty soon! I'm so excited!

Anyway, I'm glad to be back to sharing my life....that could get a little creepy... Hope you enjoy it cyber-stalkers!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I woke up today at 12:42.
I couldn't believe my eyes!
I had overslept and wasted half of my entire day.
I made a vow that I would always be ready by twelve o'clock during the summer.
You can only feel my disappointment when I looked at the frightening time.
The only conclusion to my mistake is the horrible hour I stayed up last night watching the office. Yes, I stayed up until 3:00 in the morning watching Pam and Jim secretly fall in love.
In my defense my mom was the one who HAD to finish season 3.
She can't work the Wii remote so obviously I had to do it for her.
She also got up at nine 0'clock and watched another episode.
While eating breakfast!
The most important meal of the day wasted.
I told her she is horrible.
She agreed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I went and played with my friends.
It was great fun!
I went over to Sabyn's house first and then we walked and met Abby at the park.
We started playing volleyball and then Amber came and joined.
We have some skill let me tell ya!
My greatest strength is hitting the ball and it going backward.
There were these two boys from our school there (Zack and Chandler) so we asked them to join us.
Us girls totally dominated.
Later Chersty joined us.
By this time, Abby and Amber had gone so we just sat and talked.
I taught them how to do cartwheels that they never really got and then..... Hannah came!! Hannah's amazing.
She has the cutest short hair. It's in a bob.
I am going to cut my hair like her's. I'm excited.
When Hannah came we decided we wanted to play volleyball again and guess what?
Melissa showed up!!
Melissa, Sabyn, Chersty, and I played volleyball.
No rules inforced.
Screaming Wicked songs!
Today was a fun day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Summer

So, this evening was the annual 8th grade graduation.
This year they had a comdedian group come and make us all laugh. Then we had ice cream, and then we danced.
Pretty much your typical low budget "Wahoo we're done!" kind of thing.
It was fun. I've gotta admit.
But I have one problem.
I didn't get asked to dance once. ONCE I tell you! I felt kind of sad inside. I still kind of do.
I ask myself, "Was it the crazy dancing? "Was it the obnoxious behavior?"
Well, I think these two these are the best things to have at dances.
So, who cares. 8th grade boys are sooooo yesterday! :)
Maybe they'll grow up during the summer!!
Speaking of summer..... I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Only 1 more full day.
Thursday is Yearbook day and Friday we go for an hour.
Basically you're thinking you're doing something fun, but then all the administrative people act like you're on some top boot camp in Virginia.
I may not even go.
Who knows.
P.S. We got a new car. It's beautiful. It's a Volkswagon Passat and has all the amazing features. Leather seats, seat heater, touch screen radio, iPod hook get the picture.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"my momma always said life was like a box of never know what you're gonna get"

Procrastination is on my mind right now.
Today is the day where I know I have tons of things to do.
I'm just not doing it.
I recently got a new assignment from that one subject.
Yes, I know, You think I'm going to go off.
Not this time. Kind of.
The only problem is that it's 19 projects.
It's due Monday the 10th. (Next Monday)
I've only done 4.
I have a test that needs to be studied.

I got the Cafe Rio Salad Recipe.
Well, the chicken, Pork, rice, and dressing recipe.
The pork takes 20 oz. of coke and 18 hours to cook.
I'm so excited!

School is out in 3 1/2 weeks and summer playing will start
Ceder City.
Sleeping in.
Wearing shorts and short sleeves.
Tan line on my feet. (Don't know why I like this, but I do.)
Can hardly wait.

Sincerely, Sidney

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Back!!!

It's a little late, but we are back! We got back on Sunday (of last week) around 9:00. We had quite the trip! Lots of walking. Lots of siteseeing, and lots of new memories!!!
So, to start off the trip we went to the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, the World War ll memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial.

(I felt a little small....)

Next, We went to the Holocaust Museum. If you ever go to Washington D.C. I would highly recommend this! It's sad and you will definitely have to prepare yourself emotionally for it, but it is life changing. Also, we went to the National Archives Museum and saw the important documents of The United States of America. This was also very cool. That night we went and saw one of the Smithsoneon museums. We went to the American History Museum. We saw the flag that flew over Fort McHenry and inspired Francis Scott Keys to write the Star-Spangled Banner. Also, we saw the White house, The back of it actually, then we saw the Jefferson Memorial, and then went and saw the front of the White House.

Last, We visited the Arlington Cemetary. We got to see the Changing of the Gaurd. This was really strange. The military is really a whole different world, but it was cool to watch. Here we saw the Arlington House that was the home of Robert E. Lee. He was the General for the Confederate Army. We also saw John and Jacqueline Kennedy's grave along with the millions of others. We also saw the Washington D.C. Temple. This was very, very pretty, but seemed to have no windows. Don't know why, but it didn't. we saw Mount Vernon. This was the house to George Washington. I learned something new with him. He had slaves and had no children. This probably wasn't new to many people, but surprisingly new to me.

So, The result of our Washington D.C. Trip was a success! We had lots of fun! We definitely want to go back. See more Smithsoneons, and try to be locals.....That probably won't happen....
Sincerly, Sidney

The Latest News....

First all I want to say is that coming up with titles for each post is a bore.
So, if you see a post without a title don't stop reading it or my blog for that matter.
Thanks much.
Anyway, I feel like a broken record bringing this subject up, but I always find new thing I hate.
I, along with many other people, have decided to petition my science teacher.
Dramatic I know, but he is horrible.
The CRT tests are coming up and (I've talked to many people so this fact is true.) nobody is ready. At least in his class.
We aren't petitioning for him to get fired, but for the administration to be aware that he isn't fulfilling is teaching needs.
My mom surprisingly enough gave me the idea to petition. She said write a letter to the good old principal, Mr. Farnsworth, and get a bunch of signatures.
Again, I do not want him fired he just needs to become a good science teacher. It's an important subject.
Especially if you don't want to live on the streets. So if your thinking I'm this heartless kid that knows nothing. I beg to differ.

Friday, April 23, 2010


It's a sad story really. My parents went to St. George.
Worst of all is that they left me in the care of Lauren and Ashley.
Ashley doesn't cook. (Don't get offended sister. You've admitted it yourself.)
How in the world am I supposed to get food?
Lauren. Well, Lauren is just Lauren. I guess hmmm, Well, She's on the strange side.
(Again, sister don't get offended. You've heard me say it before.)
On a different note, How in the world do you get a playlist onto your blog?
I've been wondering and wondering for months now.
If you know please contact me ASAP!
Thanks much!
Sincerely, Sidney

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Fever

I'm getting summer fever!
I actually shaved my legs and wore shorts yesterday without getting goosebumps, and the hair growing back in 10 minutes.
Lets just say I need some serious tanning!
Anyway, I don't know if this fever is a good or bad thing. I have testing coming up and I'm not going to be able to focus with the perfect tanning weather outside!
wish me luck!
Sincerely, Sidney

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Inside Look

Today you are getting a very special treat! I found this cool room at our Hotel in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, where we are staying. It's called the "Buisness Link." Wanna know why it's such a cool room? Because it has a computer in it. Actually, it has three computers, but we will just keep it simple. Our trip is amazing! My feet are permentely numb, the back of my legs kill any time I walk, and I have a HUGE blister on the back of my left foot. Word to the wise. Never under any surcumstances wear brand new shoes to Washington D.C. All you do is walk and you will get a blister. No questions asked. I learned that the hard way.
There's more good things than bad though. I would just like to say I don't ever want to come back to Utah! It's so beautiful and green and fresh. Lauren and I tried to persuade my parents into moving out here, but that will probably not happen. If anybody has any good persuading skills, please drop by my house and help me out here! It will be much appreciated!
More news to come about Washington D.C!

Sincerely, Sidney

P.S. I can now offically cross off the following things on my list:
1. I've gone to Maryland
2. I've gone to Virginia
3. I've gone to Washington D.C.
4. I've touched to Washington Monument
5. I've Seen the White House
6. I've been on a public metro (It's like a subway)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Off

So today is the day!! I leave for Washington D.C. in exactly 53 minutes right now! I'm totally excited! Who wouldn't be? I've decided that I'm most excited for the Holocaust museum. I'm not sure why. I know I am going to have a hard time going through it. Watching the movies, looking at the pictures, but I know that it's good for me and it will be all right. Don't get me wrong though, I am so siked for everything else! The Museum of the National Archives, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, The Tomb of the unknown soldier, George Washington's Estate. I could go on and on. I'm a little sad that we are there only for 3 days. We will definitely be rushed! Well, Adios, see ya when I get back!

Sincerely, Sidney

Monday, April 5, 2010

This Year the Easter Bunny was off Duty

This weekend was a little bit of a depressing one. The Easter Bunny didn't visit our house this year. Sad I know. (Warning: If you still believe in the Easter Bunny, I may just ruin it for you. Read on if you wish) Saturday night at about 11:30, my mom, my sisters Ashley and Lauren, and I were driving home from my Colorguard competition in Roy. We were trying to find somewhere to eat, and the only place we could find is a Smith's. So, as we were getting out of the car I asked my mom.
"Hey, mom are you doing Easter baskets tonight?"
You can see her reaction.
"OH NO!!"
Yes, it is true. My mother forgot about Easter. She didn't get any chocolate eggs, bunnys, or starburst jellybeans. I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed, but it gave me reason to keep the true meaning of Easter in my head. It worked out perfectly seeing as it was General Conference. I enjoyed the talks that I was awake for.

Sincerely, Sidney

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Day Goes Down in History

Today is a special day. You know why? I will tell you why:

Reason number 1: Today March 31st is the last day I ever have to get up at 4:30 in the morning for color guard! If you don't think this makes history, I'm proving you wrong. Have you ever woken up at 4:30 in the morning on a regular basis just to get a goose egg on your head? Probably not. Take it from experience. If you ever are faced with the obligation to have wake up at a vile hour to toss flags, you might want to revise your schedule. People will call you crazy. (Myself included. This is only because I have actually experienced what you must go through.)

Reason number 2: It is exactly one week before I go to Washington D.C.!!! Can you believe it! I sure can't. I remember opening that 12 days of Christmas box and seeing the flight information. It was THE BEST Christmas present ever. Yes, I just realized that that sentence was stupid, but it's true! :)

Reason number 3: It rained today! I can't tell you enough how much I love the rain! The smell, the feel of the raindrops, the sight of it falling as you are inside. Rain always makes me smile and allows me to realize that things can be washed away and new things can start. That's really what it feels like. I'm ending color guard and new places, people, and opportunities are awaiting me. A weird analogy, but it's true!

Sincerely, Sidney

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Man, It's been awhile! Lots have happened! The first and very most important thing is that I am going to HAWAII!! I'm so excited. There wasn't even a hesitation with the parents. I'm one lucky girl. Also, I am 85 dollars into it. only 815 dollars to go!

The science project I was stressed about, ya, I got all 75 points. I got up with my partner, talked for about two seconds, showed him our page about what we found and then he gave us the points. My stress was totally wasted! That darn man. It's still the subject from the devil though! Another thing concerning science, Last night the fam and I were talking about schools and what needs to happen to improve. I brought up the subject about my wonderful science teacher. I told them how he doesn't teach. He just tell and expects us to fully understand. (He's wrong by the way). My parents asked me if I was reading my text book out of the classroom if I didn't understand. Obviously I said no. Who does that? So, now I have to read my textbook before I go complain. Being the good person I am, I'm up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

I am in Holocaust world right now! We are starting to read The Diary of Anne Frank ( fun fact: Did you know that her name is actually pronounced ah-nn-ah? It is true) so we are learning about it in English. We are also learning about the Holocaust in German. We are watching the movie Jakob the Liar. It's about a Jew named Jakob who lived in the Ghetto. It's interesting, but also sad. Obviously because it is set during the Holocaust. I also finished this book called The Book Thief. It is about a girl who lives during Nazi Germany. Her mother can't take care of her so Liesel (the main character) Goes and lives with foster parents who later on hide a Jew in their basement. I cried at the end. A cool thing about this book is that it is told in the point of view of death. I highly recommend it. Finally, I watched the movie The Boy in Striped Pajamas. This is one of THE saddest movies of all times. I cried and cried. It's about a little boy who befriends a jewish boy in a concentration camp. Everybody I have talked to said they cried during this movie. So, beware if you are planning on watching it!

On a happier note, ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL D.C!!! Cannot wait!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Science project

I've decided that I really hate science! It's the absolute worst! I have this project due tomorrow. It's a really big assignment worth a lot of points. Let me tell you this little detail also; TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF THE TERM!! What?! In my opinion it's a little harsh to assign big assignments that could possibly keep you from that goal 4.0. I told my mom this and she just laughed. I didn't find it humorous at all. My teacher on the other hand is a complete idiot. (In his case this is a compliment, but I use it as an insult). This man made me cry because he was grading me really harsh. Not even kidding you. One of our projects failed and I I'm crossing my fingers that he sees it as a good thing and not a bad.... Stressful days of Jr. High.....Can't wait until college.

*note: If you use a sarcastic tone with the last sentence you may find it funny. Just sayin'
*Another Note: The picture above is of an evil scientist. Therefore, it proves my point that science is completely evil! haha

Sincerely, Sidney

Monday, March 15, 2010


So, I have this friend who is part hawaiian. She goes to Hawaii almost every single year, and knows it like the back of her hand. Anyway, She told me today that she was going to go to EFY in Hawaii in 2011. She's like, "Sid, I really want you to go!" I'm like ok!! So, I might be going to Hawaii for EFY. I'm so pumped! She told me that her uncle works for the airlines and so he can get us first class tickets for only $600 dollars. It's still expensive, but for Hawaii, it's totally worth it! She also told me that we could extend our stay for another week and live with her aunt! Sun, beach, friends, church, and Hawaii. Who would possibly turn that opportunity down? I definately can't! There is just one slight problem. My mother might not be so kind as to allow me to go. So, I have come up with a few reasons why I Sidney should go to Hawaii :

  1. It's for the church
  2. I would be earning the $600 dollars
  3. I'm the best daughter ever!
  4. It would be the worst desicion EVER to not let me go
  5. I would get a good tan
  6. IT'S HAWAII!!!!

Cross your fingers the parentals allow it.....

sincerely, Sidney

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've now decided I am officially a facebook addict. Some people, as in my family, would roll their eyes and tell me that I am stupid and that I am wasting my time. My opinion though, is that who cares? Not me that's who. It's my own little guilty pleasure. some people use Twilight as their guily pleaure. At these people I would roll my eyes at. Twilight really is a waste of your time. At least I spend my time in the real world gossiping about real things. Twilight is all fantasy and stupid. Anyway, If I actually make myself not go onto facebook, I have nothing to do with my life. (Being in Jr. High I don't get much homework..)Facebook rules!

P.S. Along with facebook I absolutely love Sundays! Sundays are always sunny and cheerful. You will never ever see me frown on this day.

(Above is my favorite song ever to listen to on Sundays. It's called "Carribean Blue" by Enya. Enya brings me peace and joy every time I listen to her songs. Thanks Enya for being so amazing!)

Sincerely, Sidney

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of the Box

So, basically, I'm trying lots of new things! I recently started color guard. It's so weird and so different. I feel like a paper back book laying face down in a pool of water. I'm absorbing all the many new and interesting (Lots of interesting things with color guard. Gay boys just to name one.) things, but I am completely out of place. I can very bluntly say that I hate it! The flag is seriously 6 feet tall. I'm only 4'11" I have come accross problems with these two numbers. The flag landed on my head the other day, and now I have a very big and very painful bruise on my forehead. Not very fun. An upside of color guard, though, is that my coaches are two gay men. It brings much laughter to the early morning practices! One of them, We'll call him Bob, comented on my hair. He asked me if I had cut it, I said no, and he told me, "Well it looks cute anyway." Oh boy! Not the most normal thing to come out of a boy's mouth. All I can say is farewell color guard you will be missed. uh, maybe not.
Sincerly, Sidney