Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Collector's Items?

Today, Lauren and I went to our local Walmart store looking for some doll so she could ask some boy to MORP. This is what we found:

Who would actually buy these for their 5 year old? I mean seriously, they look like they want to go kill somebody. Especially the first. I definitely wouldn't pay $19.95 for these creatures. It's things like this that really make me question: What has this world come to? Barbies used to be so innocent.... I guess it makes for a good laugh, though, right? haha

We ended up getting the above Ken for Lauren's date. It was only 10 dollars, it does have a mullet in the back, and we could make him do WAY more than just 100 poses. Just so you know...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Day Weekend

I absolutely LOVE three day weekends. This time it was for Presidents' (President's? Lauren asked me which way you spelled it, and honestly I have now idea. You can be the judge. Then get back to me because I am genuinely curious.) Day. I guess the best part to being off of school is all of the many possiblities that you can do in one day. And all of them don't even have to remotely relate to each other whatsoever. Today, I went laser tagging with a bunch of friends. One of which is a boy I find very attractive. One of which I won't say his name. Just know, it starts with an R and ends with an Iley. :) Also, his last name is one of the most common last names. Ever. You'll know it soon enough. Anyway, laser tagging. We only played one game. The woman helping us totally forgot to have us pay, and some of the people I was with weren't planning on paying. I, being the example I am (haha), said that I felt bad not paying and that I'm going to pay because of the bad feeling inside. Surprisingly enough, everybody followed my example and nobody stole a game. It's crazy how that works, and it makes me want to be a good example more and more. A lot of people could do a lot of good if this was just the case.

After we went laser tagging we walked to Cafe Rio. I think most people know my stance on Cafe Rio. I absolutely LOVE the place. You might even be able to say that I'm a little addicted to the place. That's okay though. It's delicious. I'm so full right now, though, that the thought of eating anything just makes me want to throw up, but I can't do that because that would ruin Cafe Rio. People would have to start planning my funerial.

The last and final thing I did was play Just Dance on the Wii. Holy cow that game is fun! We'll just leave it at that. To experience the joys of this game, you can find it at your local game store. Maybe. Probably. I dunno, just go look for it.

Here to come? Comforting one of my dear friends who is not the happiest at the moment. I love her so much and I really cannot bear to see her in the pain she is in. Hopefully I can help? Hopefully.

P.S. I feel like this blog is one of the most boring ones out there because I have no pictures. Hopefully, I will find my stupid camera and then it won't be so boring! In the mean time listen to the music -it plays automatically, so you kind of have to- and enjoy it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be Thankful I'm Not Throwing Up...

For the past two days I've been a sicko. No, it's not what you're thinking.
I'll give you a list of my symptoms:
-achy body-mostly neck. actually it's all the neck. It's even swollen... Only if I put it to the side, though.
-sore throat. This sucker burns when I swallow, travels to my ears which makes them throb, and then that travels to my head which makes that one throb as well. Let's just say Ib profen is a life savor.
-runny nose. I mean really, really runny. You would have thought it was running a race. One nostril against the other. Well, too bad it woke me up four times last night. It's green too. That means I have an infection. (I asked myself: is that too much information? I answered: probably. I then proceeded to ask myself: Is my point getting accross? And I answered: most definitely)
and this is the newest. As in this morning:
-ear aches. It first started in my right ear, dulling it making it throb. pretty much the worst feeling ever. Then, as in a couple of hours ago, it traveled into my left ear-keeping it behind in my right too, mind you- so, pretty much, every little sound is dulled and you have to act like i'm your grandpa in order to talk to me. Ib Profen is not helping me out on this one either.
So, there you have it, kids. My life's story as of right now. I might sound like a complainer, but having to stay home all day long yesterday doing absolutely nothing really stinks. So, I should be allowed at least a little bit of a complaint. I'm also a little bit of a grouch.
On the brightside I've been reading this and I'm 400-somthing pages into it!