Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The above skirt I've had my eyes on the lookout for a very, very long time! Its price was 78 dollars (or 75; I can't remember at the moment) and as a 15 year old, I don't think that's a very reasonable price to pay.... even if the skirt is darling. So, on Saturday, I was taking a break from my cleaning and entered the Anthropologie website. (That's where this skirt is from, you see) I clicked on the skirt tab. I looked and looked and looked, but I couldn't find it. And then, a very wonderful idea popped into my head! It had probably transfered itself into the "Sale" section of the store. I probably love that little area just as much as I love this skirt! When I entered Sale, I clicked on skirts and what do I see right on the top row? This little gem! You don't even know how happy I was when I saw the $39.99 below it! I clicked on it real quick, and my hopes were crushed as I saw that their smallest size was 4. That would be waaaayyy too big. Or so I thought.
When I showed my mom, she said, "Oh, size 4 will fit you! Trust me."
So, I bought it. And it arrived today!
I LOVE this skirt! But like I had predicted, the skirt is too big.... It's a bummer. That's the reason why they invented seamstresses and altering stores, though, right? So, that is what I am going to do, and the skirt will be absolutely perfect!

What is perfect right now, though, is that I'm going to St. George this weekend to watch General Conference and spend a little quality time with my family. I hope that because I'm not home I will be able to stay more focused. It could go the other way around, though. I will probably have to have a talk with myself before it even starts. Pound in my brain that I will NOT be falling asleep this time around.

What's even more perfect is that in a week and a half I'll be here: (!!!!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's the weekend and the weekend is great.

Can't wait to watch the Young Women's Conference with my mommy tonight!

Also, I found this amusing:

The one dark girly on the right said (to me) that her and the other girly on the left

both depend on me.

funny how that works, huh? :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


When asked, most people usually say Friday is their favorite day of the week.
Well, not true with me!
I think Friday's are fabulous, but really, Thursdays are the absolute best.
Thursday is a day where you work, work, work, knowing that the next day
brings a long break where you can do absolutely whatever you want.
And then, as you are working, you get that quiet reminder that
"Tomorrow's Friday!"
Then proceeding, butterflies whirl in your stomach, (the good kind, of course)
a smile flashes across your face so fast it's barely recognizable,
and you are able to allow yourself a sigh of relief.
This Thursday, so as in today, has been a great one in particular.
I think it's because this week has been crazy with all the make up work for the end of the term.
(I ended up getting all of my grades to an A... Except for Geometry. That's a B- which kind of stinks.)
Also, on Tuesday, I got a phone call from one of the members of the current Sophomore Council. She told me that because of my failure to meet all of the requirements for the application they wouldn't be able to accept or even to consider my application.
I was disappointed and that one event basically ruined my entire week,
but for some reason the reminder that tomorrow's Friday and the weekend is at hand somehow makes that failure all better.
I remember when I was in Color guard last year and I had Thursday night practices.
They were from 7 to 9 and I would always, always without fail get that excitement
inside me with the thought that TOMORROW'S THE WEEKEND!
I would shout that in my head.
Sometimes I would even shout it out loud.
That just reminds me of when my math teacher in 7th grade would go out into the hallway and scream, "IT'S FRIDAY!!!!"
It would make my day that much better.
This is why I like Thursdays so much more.
It's a happy day, and happy days make me quite ecstatic.
So, happy Thursday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Story of Sidney... As of Lately

I haven't blogged in a really long time, and I have no idea why because I actually took a bunch of pictures of things I have been doing. (Well, a bunch as in a few... it's a bunch to me. haha)

The first item of business is cupcakes. I really am not very good at making cupcakes. I try and fail everytime. Either the cake is dry and disgusting or the frosting tastes gross with the cupcake that somewhat succeeded. It's a real issue. Luckily for me, I have an aunt who is an amazing baker and doesn't fail at cupcakes. So about three weeks ago I went up to South Jordan to help Peggy (my aunt) decorate some cupcakes for her son Nate's farewell that was on Sunday the following week. They all turned out looking very, very appetizing. They were appetizing too! I just enjoy cupcakes, though.

These mini ones Peggy started to decorate, but I helped her finish.

Peggy decorated all of these, though.

Peggy's daughter Megan came and helped us too! Since she lives with the amazing cupcake maker, she already knew how to decorate. She probably knows how to make them too. Anyway, these are the ones that she decorated. They're carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and orange sprinkles.

The second item of business is kind of stupid. At American Fork Junior High the P.E. teachers all take their students to the Jack and Jill's Bowling Alley in Lehi. Well, in my dance class, which is considered a P.E. class, we went bowling. I came in second! Second, I tell you! I always come in dead last and, so the fact that I didn't is the exact reason why this momentous event is being documented. :)

I took pictures too.

( This picture showed me just how short I really am...)

In that same class, the group I am in, which is the three girls above minus one, we had to make up a dance. In that dance I had to do a backwards roll over my shoulder.
This is what it resulted in:

It hurts a lot.

Now, this is the very last item of business, and it's just as much random as the bowling item of business is. I have this neighbor, her name is Lexie. She is a year younger and about a foot taller than me. What's new, right? Well, she, being the lovely person she is, gave a bunch of her clothes to me. The only problem is is that the jeans she gave me are way too long. I could probably make another pair of jeans with all of the excess material. But today, I really wanted to wear these one pair, so I got creative and fixed the problem. Duct tape works wonders on short people!

P.S. If anybody knows how to get pictures side-by-side, let me know. It would be very much appreciated.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pet Peeve

My very largest pet peeve will forever and always be text talk and lingo. Things like LOL or OMG just make my hair stand on end. You know those cartoons where the face gets really red and steam starts coming out of the ears and nose? Yeah, that's pretty much what I look like when someone decides to use the lingo, shorten words, or completely ignore any punctuation whatsoever. Yeah, yeah, I know that I probably mess up too on my punctuation and grammar sometimes, but really? LOL? I know you're not laughing out loud; you just don't have anything else to say, so you just put that three letter replacement of 3 WORDS. Please don't get me wrong, though, I won't say anything if you use any text lingo. I just get annoyed inside of my head. I really enjoy texting, so don't stop by all means! hahaha

Anyway, the point to this post is that when I got on to the Internet my home page had an article on how text lingo is creeping it student' writing skills. I was utterly shocked by this! Really, student's are turning in papers with the actual lingo it in? With things like LOL, OMG, UR, C, and Charactrz. And the worst part is that the kids know that they're making the mistakes. One of the high school kids-he's 17-they interviewed, said he catches himself making the mistakes all the time and that he along with everybody else use it because they're lazy. Well, that's obvious, but really? I was a little peeved by this and so I decided to share why I am such a stickler with my correct punctuation, correct grammar, and anti-LOL, OMG, and word shortening text lingo. It's a good habit to make.. Just sayin' :)

If you want to read the article just click here. Please, enjoy.

P.S. Part of the article said that part of text lingo is smiley faces like so: :) And I used one at the end of my sentence... I guess that is the only exception to my annoyance. I actually very much like smiley faces. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Love...

  • The beach
  • Cooking
  • Listening to my sisters talk
  • Going to church
  • Going to seminary
  • Thinking
  • Listening to weird music (Not Cat Empire, though)
  • Doughnuts
  • Cafe Rio
  • Coke
  • Writing letters
  • Watching movies
  • The smell of new books
  • Staying up to ridiculous hours reading
  • Going to the pool everyday just to tan
  • Ginny
  • Dresses
  • Summer
  • The Gospel
  • Trying to play the piano
  • Watching Cake Boss
  • Traveling
  • Making lists about things I love

P.S. This list is infinite. It will and always will go on forever. This is just the beginning.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I watched this movie today. It's creepy. Good, but creepy. Let's just say I'll probably be paranoid-of pedophiles who want to kill me-for the next few days. Or weeks.

On the bright side, I watched this yesterday!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt a.k.a Tom Hansen is a babe.

And on the even brighter side, I get to make this tonight!!!

It's Creme Brulle for all of you deprived people who don't know what it is. I'll be more than happy to make you some; just as long as I get some too, of course! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Like March Resolution

Yesterday, I was just sitting in my chair, in my room; obviously, listening to music on my iPod. Well, one particular song. Called Teenage Dream, but it's not the teenage dream song you're thinking of. It's the same song, but re-made and cleaned. It's better and a lot more meaningful.
Please go HERE to watch the video. For some odd reason my computer wouldn't upload it, so we're just gonna have to do it the hard way... sorry.

As I was listening to this song, I was thinking about the other version. You all know which version I'm talking about, and I can probably be safe in saying you are singing (in your head) a particular part which makes the song basically a play boy magazine. Anyway, I was thinking about it and how acceptable it is today to play those kinds of songs on the radio. Actually, even worse songs like that are playing on the radio now. It's really sad and scary. To think that my kids will be growing up with things.... worse than that.

Then, as I was thinking some more, I thought about my sister Ashley and how she decided to delete all of the pirated music on her iPod. I helped her do this, and I watched her when we were done. It's like a light bulb plopped inside her. She seriously glowed. It's not like she was all smiley or whatever, but she was just, oh, I dunno, brighter. And as I was thinking yesterday, I thought about how my iPod is filled with rap and probably not the best music I could be listening to, so I made a resolution. I am going to follow my sister's example with deleting my pirated music as well as music that is not-with lack of a better word-uplifting.

I was reminded of this resolution this morning too as I woke up. My iPod is my alarm, and the song that came on was Don't Trust Me by 30h!0. Enough said.

I will share with you some of my most favorite songs. Click HERE, HERE, HERE, and I guess we'll just stop HERE. haha those four songs don't even begin all of my favorites, but they are just some of my tops. Hope you enjoy! :)