Friday, January 27, 2012

Nothing Lost: Be Content

Comparision is a human attribute. We all do it no matter the circumstance. If you're five, the boy next door has more cars than you or the girl next door has more barbies than you. If you're twelve your best friend is better at that video game or can do her hair better than you. When you're eighteen that girl is skinnier or that boy is more muscular. etc., etc., etc.

The ironic thing, though, is that we are taught over and over and over again don't compare yourself, be content. Talking to a friend tonight, I realized what this really means and how I along with everybody, really suffer from The-girl-who-sits-next-to-me-in-English-is-so-much-prettier-than-I-am Syndrome or I-could-never-compete-with-that, or I-will-never-be-able-to-do-that types of diseases too. It takes character to actually stand up to yourself. And the problem is that nobody really does. Again, talking to this friend, I preached to the choir and told her she just needed to be content with the way she is and the things she's been given. She needs to be content because we are told to. But as I said it, I realized that I really had no room to say anything because I myself don't even follow that counsel. I compare and compare myself to people and things and accomplishments or lack thereof, until I make myself sick.

So, tonight was kind of an awaking. A smack in the face. A punch to the mouth. an ah-ha moment. Call it whatever you want, but really, I got it. For the first time I realized what it meant by "learn to laugh." I pictured the scene in Anne of Green Gables when Miss Stacey stays for dinner. The Plum pudding, which Anne made, has a special sauce. But the unfortunate part about it is that Anne forgot to cover the sauce the night before.The next day, when putting the pudding together, Anne finds this sauce is completely ruined by a dead mouse who had climbed in the bowl for a midnight snack. Later that evening, when Miss Stacey, who had stayed for dinner, was about to put the first bite of the pudding in her mouth, Anne shrieked STOP! And the truth about the mouse is spilled out. Miss Stacey just sits there, thinking about what just happened, and finally, she just bursts into laughter.

For the first time I realize what it means to "Trust in the Lord" you wouldn't be able to laugh unless you understood the Atonement. The fact that Christ is there for you no matter the circumstance, No matter your position, no matter what; it's pure joy.Christ wouldn't have atoned for our sins for us to be miserable. He atoned for our sins to be happy. To feel the joy of being back on track again. But without that knowledge, without that recognition, you wouldn't be able to understand anything. You really wouldn't be able to live life to the fullest it should be. The only way to do that is to trust in the Lord.To trust that he really did atone for our sins. To know that he is with us every step of the way no matter what.

I have this philosphy that life is full of stories that need to be shared. No matter the enviroment, no matter the company we're with, there will always be a story to share, and it is our right to share them. It is kind of our obligation to share them even. But the only way someone is actually going to recognize those little stories throughout the day is with a positive attitude. An attitude that each day brings new possibilites. An attitude that each new possibility is a new lesson learned.

To not compare means to have a good attitude. To have a good attitude means to know exactly who we are. The Atonement, the scriptures, councel from the general authorities, and each and every tender mercy were all given to us to make us realize that specific thing: that we are Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father.

We were made to resemble him, so that's what we should do. The only way to resemble Him is to be the best person we can be. He is the only person who actually knows the full potential we have, so we must trust that everything we experience, every little story, will shape us into who we need to be- who we have to be.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Eight Hour Wonders

The thing with science fair projects is that we only think about the actual experiment. We don't think about having to display it; having to write the paper about it. That, my friends, is the hardest part. I am here to testify. Once the time come that I actually had to start thinking about that part of the process, I underestimated the amount of time it would take. My mindset was to stay up until it was done on Saturday.

I. Was. Wrong.

When I woke up Saturday morning and started to try to analyze all of the data I received from the surveys, I became instantly overwhelmed. So, I called up Shaylee who I knew would also be working on her project. Pleading to come over, I did. Brock (her older brother) was a gem and walked me through the logical way of analyzing the loads of numbers and results I had, so we got to work. Adding, subtracting, dividing, graphing. . . . it was a party. By 5 o'clock that night, we finally finished and I went on my way with the determination to get the project done that night.

 By, like 6:30 in the morning, I just gave up going to bed all together. I got as much as I could done without help (i.e. graphing and editing. Mom and Dad things. . . Bless their hearts. :)), and then went and slept as much as I could get until I needed to get ready for church. Total: 4 hours. The rest of the day (besides the three hour church block), I revised, edited, glued, graphed, printed, redesigned, and redesigned, and redesigned and redesigned again until it was all done! 2 o'clock in the morning is the exact time this was accomplished. 

So, currently, I am going on 8 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours. My world is a bit loopy, it's nice. I really am just glad that the project is over. The feeling of relief just might be one of the the best feelings to feel. It was icing on the cake when my teacher commented on how nice it looked, too.

The lack of sleep was almost worth it. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christ Is Always There

This inspired me, and so I'm taking the challenge. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


My blog was becoming a drag to look at. So, fortunately, I made the decision to switch it up a bit. The problem with these kinds of decisions is that I don't know how to a) work the computer b) make headers c) be creative or, as we've already covered, d) be crafty. So, I called (but really texted, because for some reason I always say call when I mean text) Lauren.

Let me tell you about Lauren (and Lauren, you're probably reading right now, so let me tell you about YOU!). She is Ashley's roommate, and knows everything there is to know about blogs. I knew this, and still know this, because she helped me design my old blog and it's header. So, as I said, I called/texted her up and asked her if she would help me out again. And then, a week ago, Ashley came home as she always does on Friday, and told me that Lauren said I had asked her to do my blog.

"yes," I answered.
"Well, she said that she would do it only if you will make her food next Friday." said Ashley, "By the way, mom, we"re having a Just Dance party next Friday," she kindly- and quickly- added.

I agreed to do the cooking, which included: Blueberry coffee cake, crab salad, brushetta, and fettaccine alfrado. In actuality, though, Ashley made the brushetta, and she didn't burn it! Granted, she didn't have to cook anything. Well, that's partially not true. You have to put the brushetta in the oven to melt the cheese. But when she was going to do that, she was just going to put the brushetta on the bread and then cook it. That sounds all fine and dandy, and yes, that is partly the correct thing to do, but in real life, the brushetta (which is a tomato-y sauce, if you already don't know) sinks into the bread and makes it go soggy. I bet anything that nobody wants to eat soggy bread. So, in conclusion to that long story, I helped her with the baking of the bread/brushetta/melting of the cheese.

And the conclusion to this, is that my blog is re-designed. Lauren did a fabulous, fabulous job! Thanks, woman! :)

The food turned out delicious, too. And man, Just Dance is a party.

P.S. I'm obsessed with watching So You Think You Can Dance on Youtube, because I don't actually watch the show. . . . Last night, by the time it was one in the morning, I decided to go upstairs and clean up the mess in the kitchen. What actually happened is that the computer that was sitting five steps away was calling my name, so I distracted myself with the said past-time. Soon, other people started to join me, and one by one, almost everybody was up there watching too. Apparently it's not just my favorite past time either. :) This dance is my favorite one, though. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Partyin' Like It's Two Thousand & Twelve

I have finally come to the conclusion that if I don't at least attempt to post now, it will never, ever happen. So, here I am, sitting at my ancient computer, at 12:17 in the morning. :) The sacrifices I make for those people who love me enough to read this thing. Thanks.

No, actually, I'm studying for a Chemistry test. Correction. I was studying for a Chemistry test- I've finished. I did as much as I felt I need to. In all honesty, I feel somewhat confident about the test, which is a nice change to the past. . . oh, semester I've been in the class. Hopefully it goes well. Dimensional analysis has never been nor will it ever be my forte, so that's when I start knocking on wood. Nevertheless, I'll say what I always say: Pray for me, please. :)

So, as for the news of late, it's come to the point where I don't even know where to start. So, seeing as I'm an overly, and somewhat obnoxious, organizer, I'll do it in bullets:

Bullet number one:
  • Christmas: 
Christmas has dramatically changed the past two years over here at the Brocious house. You see, I am the youngest, and what that means is Santa no longer exists, 4:30 anticipation is no longer present, and we value our sleep and breakfast more than ripped paper and new things. And "things" now usually are limited to only one or two. Why? The answer is because every single member of this family-- all five-- wanted something at least 200 dollars; most of them were more. No longer are we living in the days of new toys and trinkets that cost a maximum of 15 dollars. The entire family received a trip to Chicago, which is on April 10th, Lauren got a laptop, my father got surround sound, Ashley got money and a phone, my mom got lots of clothing and also a new laptop, and as for me, well, I got a camera. A very nice camera which J'adore! 

Of course, we kids got everybody else gifts as well. As you should know, Ashley came home from China the day before Christmas Eve, so all of the gifts she gave were from China. She gave Lauren a scroll with her name in Chinese characters, she gave my dad some small replica terracotta warriors and also a chicken foot (Apparently, they sell them as some normal street vendor food. Disgusting.), She gave my mom a silk table runner, and she gave me a lovely key chain from Hong Kong Disneyland, and. . . . .drum roll please. . . . Pearls. Yes, real pearls- pearls that make me feel like Anne every time I wear them. I love them.

 Bullet number 2:
  • Christmas Break/New Years Eve
I spent all of New Years day watching Anne of Green Gables with Sydney Johnson. We did not scream and yell, we did not light fireworks, we did not bang pots and pans, we did not watch the ball drop. We were civilized human beings. The world is full of too many uncivilized people. It's completely unnecessary to encourage unwanted behavior just because of one day and one time that lasts exactly 60 seconds. I Celebrate quietly, and resolute to finish a resolution. Simple and to the point. :) Good. 

The actual Christmas break was glorious, though. I slept in everyday and did nothing. One day, though, I did go Ice Skating with Our good friends the Parsons and Dani Falslev on Utah Lake. It gave me a good excuse to use my camera. It was super fun too. Don't forget that detail. :)

 Bullet number three:
  • The "Other" Catagory
My aunt Julie's birthday was also during Christmas break, and so Ashley, my cousin Emily and her husband Phil, my other cousin Trevor, my other, other cousin Jake, and I ventured up to her house. Ashley told us all
about her China trip, Trevor told us hilarious stories about his mission, and all of this was done over a very, very delicious meal of steak, crab, salad, and bread, and whatever other delicious food was there because there was so much! (don't mind run-ons or badly punctuated whatevers.)

It was fun to get together with some of the cousins again. It's been such a long time since it's happened, and it felt like old times, which, just a slight burst of deja vu, is awesome. :)

Christmas ended, though, and second semester has started. The whole trasition has felt really odd to me. These past two days have just felt off. I don't know if it's the new bell schedule with 10 minutes passing periods, which by the way are really, really long, or early lunch everyday. Maybe a combination of both along with all the new classes. In reality, though, I only change 3 and one class is bumped down a period. Maybe it's also the fact that I am in classes with juniors and seniors, and it feels really weird. People I would never have guessed to be in a class with I am. Kind of feels like I'm in Freaky Friday, but not. I don't know how to explain it, so I'll just stop.

Anywho! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a Happy (civilized) New Years! Welcome 2012.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Downton Abbey

I recently have become obsessed with the Masterpiece series "Downton Abbey." Seriously, it's amazing. The gist of it is a wealthy family who lives in England during World War One. You have the servants, the rich family members, and the guests. They're all main characters who have lots of conflict.

I really don't understand how people have so many problems in movies, but this one has okay conflict. It's just a feel good, chick flick, I guess. It's neat. :) The next episode is on Sunday. 7 or 8 o'clock, I think. . . Not sure. The first part of the series is on Netflix, though, and since I was just recently introduced to the loveliness of this little world, I so badly want to watch it. Too bad end of term is ridiculously packed with work, work, work. No complaining, though. No complaining.


Watch it. Love it:

P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting. In all honesty, I put it on my to-do list everyday, but, you see, I make those lists and never, ever, not even once, do the things on my to-do list get done. I enjoy spontaneity. (Is that a word? who knows) In any case, the day will come when I will post for real. All about Christmas. All about school; because school is interesting. Maybe this is where movie directors get ideas for movies: from their local high school. I'll admit it, I'm a drama queen. And so is everybody else. :)