Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thusly, I'm Back.

It's been awhile since I've posted on this lovely site of mine. After graduating high school, moving out, spending my first year of college in Logan, my parents moving to Chicago, me moving back to American Fork, beginning my second year of college, and finally declaring my major as psychology, I've decided to resurrect the blog.

I feel it important to share, however, that the posts will still be as irregular as they were before. Thus, the purpose of the blog is for myself than, really, anybody else. The reason being in a personal life story, which goes as follows: as I experienced my first year of college and lived on my own, I realized how unstable life can be. I realized how crazy emotions can get, and I realized that if you aren't practiced in reading yourself and understanding how you react to certain situations, instability can cause extreme emotions and a confusing lifestyle. Thus, this is what happened to me, and I ended up needing outside help to aid in coping and creating a new stability for myself. Which, by the way, I'm not ashamed about! I think this is the real reason why I decided to do a psychology major. All of this being said, however, one of the things that my therapist taught me was to write out thoughts because it is one of the best ways to process and cope with all of the crazy that life presents.

So, the point of that story wasn't to sob and pity myself for the hard time I went through. Actually, it's meant to celebrate it, and resurrecting this blog is in light of that celebration to say that I'm here, I'm trying, and I'm helping myself be happy; I'm writing my thoughts and I'm understanding my feelings.

Thus, if you happen across this blog and see that I've finally posted again and are shocked by the change in tone and perspective, know that, really, my message is all positive. My message is about being happy and mindful and alive and finding the beauty in life. That's what's truly important!