Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Is Coming, Christmas Is Coming!

You always know that Christmas is coming when your sister makes you listen to 100.3, the local christmas music station, before Halloween is even here! And can I say, I am soooo excited!

Christmas truly is the happiest time of year! Today, As I was watching my Holocaust documentary show, my mom was shopping online for christmas gifts. Everytime I walked by I had to pull my blanket over my face so "I wouldn't see." Mother's sometimes..... :)
It really is Christmas season though, now that Thanksgiving is over! And can I just say, It didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all! It felt way too early. Nonetheless, it was Thansgiving.
I am thankful for one thing in particular. That one this is, I'm thankful for the fact that The Brocious family could get all get together without huge fights breaking out! It felt like our family was actually normal! :) The food was amazing, though. Thanks to Auntie Julie and her amazing cooking skills. Also, to all of the aunts because, seriously, there was TONS of food there!! At least six pounds of stuffing. No joke.

Anyway, I will definitely be singing christmas jingles in my head from now on. Or at least for the next three months!
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New year!!


  1. Hooray for Christmas! I'm enjoying the snow outside, listening to Christmas music, lounging on the couch with hot chocolate...

    The moment was kind of ruined when I tripped over the hot chocolate.

  2. good to see you Finally blogging.....and my favorite part of thanksgiving is having sarah palin for an aunt