Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be Thankful I'm Not Throwing Up...

For the past two days I've been a sicko. No, it's not what you're thinking.
I'll give you a list of my symptoms:
-achy body-mostly neck. actually it's all the neck. It's even swollen... Only if I put it to the side, though.
-sore throat. This sucker burns when I swallow, travels to my ears which makes them throb, and then that travels to my head which makes that one throb as well. Let's just say Ib profen is a life savor.
-runny nose. I mean really, really runny. You would have thought it was running a race. One nostril against the other. Well, too bad it woke me up four times last night. It's green too. That means I have an infection. (I asked myself: is that too much information? I answered: probably. I then proceeded to ask myself: Is my point getting accross? And I answered: most definitely)
and this is the newest. As in this morning:
-ear aches. It first started in my right ear, dulling it making it throb. pretty much the worst feeling ever. Then, as in a couple of hours ago, it traveled into my left ear-keeping it behind in my right too, mind you- so, pretty much, every little sound is dulled and you have to act like i'm your grandpa in order to talk to me. Ib Profen is not helping me out on this one either.
So, there you have it, kids. My life's story as of right now. I might sound like a complainer, but having to stay home all day long yesterday doing absolutely nothing really stinks. So, I should be allowed at least a little bit of a complaint. I'm also a little bit of a grouch.
On the brightside I've been reading this and I'm 400-somthing pages into it!


  1. Ew, you are a sicko. :) It's ok, so am I. Similar symptoms- runny nose, WICKED sore throat, hacking cough. Fun stuff, huh?

  2. Why are you reading such a scandalous book?