Wednesday, April 20, 2011

La Caille: The Quail

One of the popular classes the 9th graders take at American Fork Jr. High is Teen Living. This is where you just learn all about life. Yes, this is the class that you get the baby. But I do have to say, it's not just learning about parenting and doing, you know, those things. (I get my baby May 6. I have to sing in church that Sunday. I'm thinking, that week at church is going to be an interesting one.)

We just finished our unit on etiquette. I learned everything from who should pay on a date to which fork is the one you use for Es Cargo. (Is that how you spell that? I'm not educated enough in French) The plus side to this unit is the practicing part. And as you could have guessed by the title of this post, the 9th graders were able to have the opportunity to go to La Caille. Yeah, it's only the most expensive restaurant in Utah. :) I only had to pay 31 dollars too! Talk about being thrifty!

So, onto the experience: It was a five course meal starting with the Snail. I liked that little bugger! It tasted like garlic and butter and had the texture of a mushroom. Not bad at all! Next, I had the lemon sorbet which cleaned  my pallet, and following came the bread and salad. Now, with all of this I had my napkin perfectly set on my lap and I was using all the right utensils. I even made sure everybody else was using the right one too.

 Going on. After I ate my salad, my main dish arrived which was salmon with rice, green beans, and a carrot. Yes, that is singular. Man, that food was sooo delicious! I was very, very satisfied with it.
Now, after I was very satisfied with my previous food items, the waitresses in their deep scoop neck dresses (very deep. Michael, one of the two boys sitting on the table I was at, kept laughing when our waitress came to give us our food. This was a mistake on his part because then I kept laughing. It was not the best situation! haha) brought the nine of us our flambeau. Except, I was going to take Ashley's advice and not have mine flambeaued. I did, though, even if it was against my wishes. I'm glad that I got it because now I know I will never, ever become an alcoholic. Even though the alcohol was burned out you could still taste it. It burned my throat and tasted like cough medicine. Disgusting! It looked really cool, though!

Even though the food was maybe ended on a bad note, we all still had a really, really great time! Me and my friend Hannah (Picture above) were talking and I was telling her how really, this is the first time in a long time that I actually felt that carefree happiness. I felt included and part of a group and that just put a huge smile in my face!

The picture below is the gang who sat at my table. Personally, I think it was the best one there. These seven people truly are great! I'm so glad that I know them and that I was able to get to know them better at La Caille.

(Starting at the back from left to right: Stevie, Michael, Hannah, and Malia. The Bottom from left to right: Me, Maddie, Alyssa, and Kadyn).

Overall, like I said, La Caille was an amazing experience. Even if the geese kept trying to attack us! :)

P.S. I found it a little ironic that we didn't see any quail. Also, just a bit of information, they got rid of their camel because it sat on the owner. I thought that was hilarious!