Sunday, May 29, 2011

"I'm Singin' in the Rain"

Things have been so crazy lately. Not really, but I like to think they are crazy... :) School is almost out and summer is in the midst. Except, for the past two weeks it has been raining non-stop here in Utah County. I don't really even care, though! I love the rain. The smell, the feel, the sound; it's one of the things in this world I could never get sick of. It's almost beating Cafe Rio! On Friday, me and my friend Mindi took a stroll around the block; in the rain. Boy, did that feel nice. I was soaking wet, and I had mascara running down my face which probably made people wonder, "who is this weirdo girl?" but the satisfaction of being wet and smelling like rain made it all better!

In other news, I finished my baby simulator assignment for Teen Living a few weeks ago. Just the fact that I can do whatever I want now, and that I'm not having to wake up three times during the night to pat its back or stick a bottle in its mouth and listen to it "eat" more that that bottle would hold in actuality, is heaven on earth. My baby was cute, though. I even dressed her up for church. :) And to make the sweet story sweeter, I got an A. Thank Goodness!

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