Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Past Weeks

I've neglected this little blog of mine. The main definition to my life-and pretty much everybody elses life too- is school and homework and trying to get enough sleep, which isn't ever, nor will it ever happen in my life time.


An exciting thing that I didn't even mention on this blog, though, is the dance that was a couple of weeks ago. Originally, it was called the Sweetheart's dance, but because the student council thought people would back out of coming because they "didn't have a sweetheart," they changed the name to The Winter Waltz.

In all honesty, I was convinced that I wasn't going to be asked. I even was planning on going to see The Vow that night. And then. . . one of my friends texted me and asked me if I had been asked. I told him the answer, and explained how I was going to go see The Vow.

"Would you go if someone asked you?"

I laughed to myself a little. "OK," I thought in my brain, "who's asking me?"

long story short, that Friday this appeared on my doorstep:

Well, actually, a bag with the puzzle pieces and the piece of paper were at my doorstep. This is just after I put the puzzle together.


The following Monday I answered him back:

And on February 18th, we went to the dance! Our day date was to Jump On It, which was super fun. At first I was a little timid, seeing as I didn't want to break a limb,  but I warmed up once we got to the foam pit. Seriously, front flips are the best feeling in the world. Also, we had a mini tournament of air-hockey. I won my match obviously.

After Jump On It, I came home and got ready, and then the rest of the night was dinner and the dance. I had a super, super, super good time and danced to my hearts content. I found it odd, though, that my math teacher was one of the chaperones for the dance. . . . I felt her eyes on me the whole night. Maybe that's just me and my paranoid personality. I did feel bad, though, that that was how she spent her Saturday night. A couple of times I just wanted to go up to her and get her to dance! It looks so boring to just sit in a chair and watch other people dance. I know I definitely wouldn't be able to do it. . . . My instincts would take over and I would just eventually go crazy. Especially if the hair whipping song came on, which it did. That song is a must at every dance. I just was a little sad that I wore my hair up this year. It's just not the same. I whipped my hair nonetheless. :)

Last Friday, I had a little sleepover with Ashley over in Provo. Her and her roommates/china friends/childhood friends (i.e. Leah, Lora, Mandy, Lauren, and two other people I don't know the names of. . . ) were having a little movie party with blueberry cinnamon rolls. If it includes food, you should always know that I'm always there. We watched Midnight in Paris. . . . I don't recommend this movie to anyone. There is absolutely no plot or character development or likeable characters or anything that could actually be believable in the movie. Don't watch it.

Ashley and I hit a little dilemma when it was time to sleep, though. You see, she lives in an apartment with 5 other girls, so it wasn't like I could sleep in a spare bedroom. Luckily she has couches, so this is what I was planning on sleeping on. Until we actually arrived in the apartment and saw one of the roommates and the roommate's boyfriend laying exactly on the couch I was to sleep on. They weren't going to be getting up anytime soon. This meant one of two things: a) I wasn't going to bed anytime soon or b) I was just going to have to sleep on the floor in Ashley's room. The latter was chosen upon. Well, actually, Ashley wanted me to sleep in her bed with her, but seeing as her bed is a twin bed and very much designed around a one person occupation, I took the floor.  In the long run, the arrangement was fine. It wasn't really that uncomfortable, except for the blowing fan that was kept on all night (the room was a little chilly during the night), and my arm which has been hurting for a couple of days now. I think I slept on it wrong.

The next morning, it was Ashley's old roommate Tara's birthday, so we both ventured over to her apartment and had french toast with nutella swirls in the middle of it. Have you ever had french toast with nutella swirls? It really is heaven on earth! It all was a very good time.

Also, just so you know. . . . .

I'm reading My Name is Asher Lev. I can't put it down. I read 100 pages just while I was at school today. In reality that shouldn't be possible, but you know that one person you see reading as they walk down the hallway and you think to yourself (whether you're trying to be mean or not), "What a nerd?" Well, I'm the nerd! :) you should read the book, though, It's fabulous.

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