Thursday, October 11, 2012

"We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve"

Fall break has begun over in this little neck of the woods. Not really, Lauren's home on fall break too. . . Anyway, since last night was basically a Friday, Lauren and I decided to go see this movie. Honestly, I had never even heard of it. I saw a poster in the library a couple days ago, but I was really confused because I had no idea what it was. It intrigued me, however, because of the lovely title and because Emma Watson is in it (!!!). So, I asked Lauren if she wanted to go see it with me. She told me only if it looked good (because let's be honest, movies nowadays kind of stink). So we watched the preview. . . And then we watched the preview again. . . and then we watched the preview again!! We were now both excited to go see this movie. We hit a roadblock, though. We went onto the American Fork Cinemark website, but it wasn't playing. I thought that they were just joking with us, so I drove down to the actual theater to see if it was true. It was. I was a little devastated as well as confused and went in and asked the box office worker what was up.

Here's the mini story:
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a limited roll movie. Meaning, the makers of the movie (Summit) made only a certain number of reel tapes and then sent them to the busiest movie theaters. In Utah's case this was Provo Towne Centre and South Jordan. He then told us that the movie was well worth our journey to Provo, however, and that the next movie started at 9:55.

Obviously, we were there. Upon my request, we left about an hour before the movie started. We made it to Provo Towne Centre 20 minutes before 9:55, and we were the first ones in the movie theater. YES! Basically we got the best seats in town.

 This movie is not your typical, cookie cutter, hipster movie. (Once people started coming into the theater, Lauren and I were surrounded by hipsters. . .) The movie is very bad: a lot of vulgar language, a lot of drug reference, there's a homosexual relationship which teams up with a lot of sex reference. However, not trying to justify those kinds of things because they shouldn't be justified, the vulgarity of the movie is the point of the movie. During the summer, I went to the Shakespeare Festival. One of the plays they showed was called Titus Andronicus. Long story short, the amount of violence and suffering portrayed in this play made me physically sick to my stomach. The next day, my mother went to the literary seminar where they discussed this play and all the violence that was in it. The narration lady said this, "If you didn't feel anything towards what you were seeing, you have missed the point. You should feel sick, you should feel anger, you should not want to be in the play." Hence, this is the point of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. If you go to this movie with the intent of being entertained. . . .you're wrong. Granted, you can be entertained by the good music, or Emma Watson's American accent, or the attractiveness of Charlie, but that's, again, not the point. The point is, if you go to this movie, and really think about it, you could potentially change. . . . Because this is Nirvana.

So, for me, I highly recommend this movie. As the box office worker said, "It's highly worth the drive to Provo."

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