Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hipster Garb

In my lifetime, I've become to know awkward very, very well. Basically, I am naturally awkward no matter the situation. Something as simple as being complimented on my scarf can be turned into some hideously awkward moment. (Today was such a moment, by the way)

During my French class today, one of the girls in the class and I were just chatting. Something was done or something was said-- I forget what-- and it was slightly awkward. Well, this girl I was talking with said, "Awktown!"

I literally stared at her and said, What, did you just say???!"

She repeated. I still did not understand. . . even in the least.

"What is Awkton?" I said.

"Awktown. It's just another word for awkward." No biggie said her face.

This conversation went on for a longer duration of time, which I will spare you with now because really, it's kind of boring-- lots of confusion on my part. My point is, though, that people do and say anything to be cool. And in this decade 'cool' is now phrased as 'hipster'. We don't ask.

What I learned today: Hipster Language
1. Awkward: No longer used because it's either too long or just weird. In of itself it's just an 'awk' word, right? Which brings us to number two
2. Awk: shortened version of the above word. Easier to say, and sounds like some sort of bird noise. This makes you noticeable and, therefore, more apart from the crowd. . . .That's cool, you know. :)
3. Awktown: newest version of the first word. My inference is that it refers to a very large weird moment. A catalystic awk moment, if you will. Be careful, though, the first time you say it it sounds like you fumbled around your words. Enunciation is key. . . it saves the awkwardness.

This whole moment reminded me of Sunday afternoon. I was just sitting at the counter, on the computer, and doing my homework. I was listening to some Sunday Tunes, and as I clicked on a song, a little popped up came up at the bottom of my computer; it read:

"Hipster Jen says: I love this song! I listen to it every day.

I stared at the pop up, and when it went away, I started another song to see if it would come up again. Sure enough, it did. I was a little confused, and, "What the heck?. . . . What the heck??" Kept going in my head. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life along with little Awktown. But, again, we don't ask.

**disclaimer: I do not shun this person that was in my class. Nor am I trying to be mean. I just thought the whole situation was funny, and wanted to share my feelings on the matter. If you want to use the phrase "awktown" go for it. I'm still going to think it's funny, though. It's fine. :)

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