Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh, Hey!

Here's to new school years, and new beginnings to blogging. I haven't blogged for so long it feels just like that- a new beginning. I apologize for that, if you still even read this. I feel like I reiterate that so much, I really am just saying to to myself. If I'm not, though, good for you!!!

Here's the news:

School started about a month ago again. I'm in 11th grade now, and I feel like I'm still twelve looking up at all the big kids. But that's mostly just because I really am. I swear the recessive giant gene in every family is creeping up just to taunt me. I decided to forego the Culinary Arts School the beginning of the school year. Out of nerves and prayer, I decided it wasn't the best decision. Instead, I decided to take some of the hardest classes I've experienced in these past few years of my life: AP European History, Philosophy, and Art History (concurrent enrollment). Not to mention the classes that I had to take: English (my teacher insists on perfection, which is teaching a great deal of life lessons), French, Math. . .

The easiest class I am taking is called Human Biology Bioethics. It's taught by Mr. Jay Allen. He. Is. Hilarious. Today he taught us how to keep a non-smoking fund? Basically, it's the handbook towards creating your own imaginary money. I'm down with that, I guess. :) The majority of class is spent by the students presenting current events that have to do with Bioethics. It's super interesting! The most interesting one brought in so far has been the Skin Gun:

Also, I can eliminate all the points I need for these news articles by bringing in a guest speaker. If anybody knows anybody who has a cool job dealing with bioethics. . . Send me a holler!

Along with the new school year comes the school dances. Homecoming was this past weekend, and I had the privilege of going with Jack Carlisle!! He is probably one of the most awesome, kind, gentleman-like boys I have ever met. We played games for a few hours in the afternoon, took pictures at 6, ate dinner (which was delicious) at 7, went to the dance at 8:30, and partied hard! I think the best part was when me and Alyssa Ash found each other, the woman was telling me hilarious things, I was on the ground laughing as hard as hard can get, and then the police officer came over asking if we had lost something. "No, officer, I was just trying not to burst from laughter. Thank you, though."
  Overall, life has been good. I felt like a dork today as I sat on pinterest reading all the humorous things they have and realized that I was laughing really hard, by myself, while staring at the computer. If I share what I was laughing at, maybe you'll get me. :)

 Anyway, life is good, and I'm still alive. Hopefully I'll blog more. . . (:


  1. I looked like a dork while reading your blog in the library. . . laughing at a computer screen never felt so good!! The girl sitting across from me probably thought I was choking since I was trying to be quiet at the same time. Haha thanks for posting again, because yes, I read your blog and enjoy it:D

  2. Take two! I can open the door!! NO MOM STAY BACK!! hahaha (: Love you (:

  3. Oh Sidney, what a gem you are. We need to talk more :) and I was laughing so hard that my dad came in and asked if something was wrong. Love it!