Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Heard Them Calling in the Distance so I Packed My Things and Ran

I heard Little Talks for the first time when I was 15-- it was a free song of the week on iTunes, and I downloaded it. After listening to that song a few couple hundred times, I completely fell in love with Of Monsters and Men. From that time forward, I listened to their album My Head Is An Animal constantly, tacking on a lot of good times and memories with it and vowing to myself that if they ever came in concert to Utah, I would attend.

Well, 6 years passed, I kept listening to them, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty came out, Dirty Paws became a hit for everybody everywhere, their new album Beneath the Skin was released, which was even better than the first, and I was becoming impatient to see them in concert.
I searched their tour dates and was initially disappointed to see no dates for Utah, however, they had a concert in LA that I was considering pretty heavily on attending. Until, I checked their tour dates again. Lo and behold, Salt Lake City, Utah, appeared on the list.
I was so happy and went and bought tickets right then. (actually, it was a month later when the tickets actually became available)

Last night, was the night of the concert, and my dream came true. It completely exceeded any and all expectations that I could have ever possibly had. I'm not even mad that the friend I was supposed to go with invited all of her other friends and practically ditched me. In fact,  I think that being by myself made it better because I was able to feel the music completely and individually. And I did and I loved every minute of it.

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