Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I went and played with my friends.
It was great fun!
I went over to Sabyn's house first and then we walked and met Abby at the park.
We started playing volleyball and then Amber came and joined.
We have some skill let me tell ya!
My greatest strength is hitting the ball and it going backward.
There were these two boys from our school there (Zack and Chandler) so we asked them to join us.
Us girls totally dominated.
Later Chersty joined us.
By this time, Abby and Amber had gone so we just sat and talked.
I taught them how to do cartwheels that they never really got and then..... Hannah came!! Hannah's amazing.
She has the cutest short hair. It's in a bob.
I am going to cut my hair like her's. I'm excited.
When Hannah came we decided we wanted to play volleyball again and guess what?
Melissa showed up!!
Melissa, Sabyn, Chersty, and I played volleyball.
No rules inforced.
Screaming Wicked songs!
Today was a fun day!

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