Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Summer

So, this evening was the annual 8th grade graduation.
This year they had a comdedian group come and make us all laugh. Then we had ice cream, and then we danced.
Pretty much your typical low budget "Wahoo we're done!" kind of thing.
It was fun. I've gotta admit.
But I have one problem.
I didn't get asked to dance once. ONCE I tell you! I felt kind of sad inside. I still kind of do.
I ask myself, "Was it the crazy dancing? "Was it the obnoxious behavior?"
Well, I think these two these are the best things to have at dances.
So, who cares. 8th grade boys are sooooo yesterday! :)
Maybe they'll grow up during the summer!!
Speaking of summer..... I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Only 1 more full day.
Thursday is Yearbook day and Friday we go for an hour.
Basically you're thinking you're doing something fun, but then all the administrative people act like you're on some top boot camp in Virginia.
I may not even go.
Who knows.
P.S. We got a new car. It's beautiful. It's a Volkswagon Passat and has all the amazing features. Leather seats, seat heater, touch screen radio, iPod hook ups...you get the picture.

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  1. Sid you are all done with school! Summer break! I don't know why the junior high administration is so weird about yearbooks. One year they took away my yearbook for an hour. I don't get it. I can't wait to see the new car!