Monday, August 16, 2010

Consulting Style

So last week my Aunt Lisa called my house. She invited me to come to lunch because her daughter (Kayley) wouldn't. (Lisa talked her into coming anyway. ha) Of course I accepted! Well, as we were there Lisa asked me if I wanted to come be their "Style Consultant" as Kayley started her school shopping. Again, I accepted. Of course! Not because I'm so stylish, because I'm not, but because I love shopping! And Being with Lisa and Kayley isn't too shabby either :)
Kayley had this way cute top from Aeropostale.

They needed help finding a shirt that could go under it to make it modest. Well, I gave them the idea that they should find a cute green cardigan to go over it instead of searching for a plain T-shirt that "matched.
(A little side note. My motto for shopping is this: And, I learned this from TLC's What Not To Wear, Find things that don't match, but go. Just a thought :)
Anyway, Lisa and Kayley both seemed to like the idea. They still wanted the shirt to go under though just to have options. Fair enough.
Urban Wear was the first store of the search. Instantly I found this purple cardigan that I thought would go perfectly! And it did! It looked way cute! Even more cute than a green cardigan. Which, by the way, we found. Kayley just didn't like it as much as the purple. And, bonus, it went great with her Eggplant Rocket Dogs she got at Famous Footwear!

Needless to say, I think I did a great job conulsting the Tait's style :) Kayley will sure look cute this school year!
Espeacially with her new yellow hat that she absolutely LOVES!!

Also, I decided to take a picture of my cute school clothes. I love them. Especially my black great-grandma shoes in the middle. They are my absolute favorite things in the world!

I'm still not ready for school though. I'm in shock that it's only one week away. Where the heck did summer go? I still don't have my schedule either! Panic mode is setting in a little...
We just need a few more months.. I would say, hmmm, maybe 9? Yeah, I think that would be great

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