Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So, today, Tuesday, I had young womens. The Mia Maid leaders decided they would ditch out on their 3 only girls! Just kidding, they didn't. They had things, so couldn't make it.
It worked out fine. Us three Mia Maids just joined in with the other seven Laurals and it worked out great! Best of all, we went to the dinosaur museum and played in the sand and water!!

After these great adventures, my friend Megan and I had a dance party in the car. Those are THE most fun things ever. We have one at LEAST once a week. :) Tonight, we decided we needed some food. Megan and I whipped over to our local Macey's and....

Two boxes of fruit snacks, eight Pixy Stix, four donuts and one otter pop drink.
Let's just say we didn't put heath in mind. I feel really sick right now from all of it too. I ate one too many donuts that's for sure!

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