Saturday, April 10, 2010

Inside Look

Today you are getting a very special treat! I found this cool room at our Hotel in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, where we are staying. It's called the "Buisness Link." Wanna know why it's such a cool room? Because it has a computer in it. Actually, it has three computers, but we will just keep it simple. Our trip is amazing! My feet are permentely numb, the back of my legs kill any time I walk, and I have a HUGE blister on the back of my left foot. Word to the wise. Never under any surcumstances wear brand new shoes to Washington D.C. All you do is walk and you will get a blister. No questions asked. I learned that the hard way.
There's more good things than bad though. I would just like to say I don't ever want to come back to Utah! It's so beautiful and green and fresh. Lauren and I tried to persuade my parents into moving out here, but that will probably not happen. If anybody has any good persuading skills, please drop by my house and help me out here! It will be much appreciated!
More news to come about Washington D.C!

Sincerely, Sidney

P.S. I can now offically cross off the following things on my list:
1. I've gone to Maryland
2. I've gone to Virginia
3. I've gone to Washington D.C.
4. I've touched to Washington Monument
5. I've Seen the White House
6. I've been on a public metro (It's like a subway)


  1. Ah, Sid, I'm glad you've finally gotten east of the Mississippi! I told you the East Coast is beautiful! Just wait. Someday, when I live in Vermont or New Hampshire or Maine, you can come visit me all the time. And we'll tour all over New England and the Northeast. It's all soooo lovely.... But if you move back East, you have to take us, too! :)

  2. Whatever. You guys can NOT move to D.C. I need you guys!