Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wonders of MSN

MSN is our home web page for our oh, so old -ancient and breaking- computer. They always have those top story headlines, and it's always some gossip story about some celebrity. Pointless. But, today, they had one titled "The Worst Dressed Places in America" Yes, it still sounds pointless. It is. I was curious, though, so I read or at least tried to read it. Here's just the few bones I have to pick:

1) Since when do people actually care what other people wear? Yeah, yeah, you have those TV shows like What Not to Wear and articles like this that show you how badly people dress, but who really goes out and points out people who are dressed ridiculously? Most of the time our heads are down and we're lost in our own thoughts, which are usually worrying about what people think about what we ourselves are wearing or when we're going to get time for a nap. The tone of whoever is writing these reviews is completely rude and overly sarcastic. A little bit of sarcasm is okay, I guess. But when an entire 10 sentence, usually more, paragraph is done completely in biting sarcasm, that's when it's too far and just plain annoying.

2) When the cities got up to number 38, I knew that basically, you're not going to find a city without bad dressers. It's a fact. Everybody has bad dressing days just like everybody has bad hair days. Anyway, who really has no life that they can just go scan around an entire city and find all the bad dressers, declaring the city overall "One of the Worst Dressed Cities?" No one! It's all stereotypical.

3) When two of those cities turned out to be in Utah (Provo and Salt Lake) and when the weirdo writing the reviews wrote some witty remark about us being "overly modest," that's when it just turned out to be dumb. Of course we can always laugh and joke about the whole socks and sandals or even the 5 layer shirts, but it's better that kind of dressing than to have some disgusting stomach hanging out of a too small shirt or stripper heels and mini skirts. Modest is hottest in my book, so technically, we shouldn't be on that list; my book wins.

So, note to self: don't read gossip articles. They're negative and give a bad vibe.

Note to you:  Who cares what you wear! If you like it, that's all that matters.

Another note to you: If what you like includes cleavage flaunting, belly exposing, or any part of the body we don't want to see unveiling, wear it at your own discretion. Remember: MODEST IS HOTTEST!

Thank you, that is all.

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