Friday, December 23, 2011

I've Been Dreaming of a White Christmas

Remember how I started to tell you about my Christmas present plans? Well, I'm going to tell you more about it, because seriously, it was an adventure. Heck, it still is an adventure!

I decided to put my trust in Pinterest. A.K.A. everybody's go-to place for the holidays. I cannot tell you how many gifts I have seen that came straight from the beloved Utah Valley sight: Whisks with candy inside and the reading of: "Wisking You a Merry Christmas. a jar full of the ingredients for brownies or cake or s'mores. I do have to admit, though, being a resident of Utah Valley, I only had to do the same thing! So, I did. :) Magnet boards out of cookie sheets, genius.

Candles is what I want to talk about here today, though.The lovely dollar store packages four candles together and sells them for a dollar. I needed eight candles. 2 dollars spent? I was jumping for joy. Literally. The idea was to get ink and a stamp and roll the candles to make them all fancy. My jumping stopped abruptly when I started rolling and the candles turned out to look something close to poo. Two out of the eight candles are saved and only two people out of eight will receive a candle. I'm feeling very sad about the whole situation. First, because that's mean. Second, because I so want to be creative. I envy those people who can whip out something as easy as rolling a candle through a stamp. Not my forte, not my forte.

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