Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preference 2011

**Disclaimer, I would have blogged about this waaay sooner, but I wanted to give the full effect, which included pictures, and I didn't get the pictures until today. 15 minutes ago actually. :) So, as of right now, I will tell you all about Preference. Ready? Good. It'll be a little long, sorry.

As I have already expressed my immense worry for this date because of the excessive awkwardness, I am now going to express the actual awkwardness, because seriously, it was awkward. It's okay, though, first dates just should be as such, and seeing as it was the first date for both me AND Mitchell, you've got double dosages.


Saturday came, and I woke up early to get the house cleaned. The day date was going to be hosted here, and all we were going to do was just play games. Since nobody really new each other, except for us girls, we knew we needed to do something to let us get to know each other. So, Maddy and Tiffany came over, we touched base, and then they left to get their dates: Trenton and Tyler. This is where our first problem hit. Jackie didn't know she was picking me up, so she was a little late. But she got to my house as fast as she could and we hurried off. We were going to go get Mitchell first, but we both thought that would be odd for me and him to be sitting in the back as Jackie was driving in the front by herself. So we turned around and went to get Parker. And then we came back to Mitchell's house. I ran to the door, knocked, and his mom answered.

"Is Mitchell here?" I asked.
"Um. . .He's actually on his way to your house"

I'm sure I looked stunned.

"Is that okay?!" She replied.
"Oh, yeah, yeah, it's fine!"

And I hurried off. Actually, I sprinted to the truck and told Jackie to step on it seeing as Mitchell was going to get to my house and nobody was going to be there. As I was told the story later, that's exactly what happened. Apparently, my parents were coming home to put the boutineer in the fridge, and they found my date standing on the porch. So, they let him in. Then they called me, and heard my phone ringing on the table. Great time for me not to have my phone, I know. Unfortunately, my cousin was getting married in an hour, and my family still had two hours to drive, so they told Mitch to go downstairs to get food. Then they left him alone. In my house. With my dog barking madly in the background. Lovely, I know. Honestly, though, I thought it was common knowledge that the person who asks on the date picks up as well. Apparently not- lesson learned!

The date as a whole went well. We just played Just Dance and ate food, and the mood between everybody lightened. I learned quickly, though, that Mitchell doesn't talk, and that besides the fact that he doesn't know the asker picks up the askee, he really didn't know how to handle the date. He texted. The whole time. It's okay, though, I cut him a little slack, seeing as it's all nerve wracking, Who knows, maybe his mom really needed to talk to him for 2 hours. :)

So then, moving on, Jackie, Tiff, and I all got ready together. Jackie was doing all of our hair, so we made a party out of it. 4:30 rolled around, quickly too, and Jackie and I went and got our dates, and Tiff and Maddy went and got theirs. We were to all meet up at Maddy's, since that was also the dinner destination. No glitches there, thankfully. . . until we got to Maddy's. Tiff and Maddy hadn't gotten there yet, so we were shown downstairs by Maddy's little sisters, and the T.V. was turned on. It was an odd thing to do while sitting in nice formal clothing. We watched that one storage auctioning show. That was weird too. It passed the time, though, and when Tiff and Maddy arrived we went and did our pictures:
From left to right: Tiff, Maddy, Jackie, Me!
From left to right: Trenton, Tyler, Parker, Mitchell
 As we ate dinner, we played the Host Your Own Mystery Dinner Party game. It was super fun, and super interesting! I recommend it to everybody!! I was the attempted murderer, and Jackie was the actual murderer. :) And then we went to the dance. Just like how Mitch doesn't talk, he doesn't dance either. Relatively, though. He would for like five seconds and then just stop. It didn't stop me, though! Oh no! I danced to my little hearts content. So much so, that I became sick the next day. Do you remember you telling you that? Good, I just reminded you. :)

The dance as a whole was super fun, and I'm glad that it really did go so well. I worried and worried about it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Sure there were definitely more awkward things than in most dates, but hey! It makes for a great story, and I love to tell stories. So there's this one. :) Preference 2011!

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