Saturday, January 21, 2012


My blog was becoming a drag to look at. So, fortunately, I made the decision to switch it up a bit. The problem with these kinds of decisions is that I don't know how to a) work the computer b) make headers c) be creative or, as we've already covered, d) be crafty. So, I called (but really texted, because for some reason I always say call when I mean text) Lauren.

Let me tell you about Lauren (and Lauren, you're probably reading right now, so let me tell you about YOU!). She is Ashley's roommate, and knows everything there is to know about blogs. I knew this, and still know this, because she helped me design my old blog and it's header. So, as I said, I called/texted her up and asked her if she would help me out again. And then, a week ago, Ashley came home as she always does on Friday, and told me that Lauren said I had asked her to do my blog.

"yes," I answered.
"Well, she said that she would do it only if you will make her food next Friday." said Ashley, "By the way, mom, we"re having a Just Dance party next Friday," she kindly- and quickly- added.

I agreed to do the cooking, which included: Blueberry coffee cake, crab salad, brushetta, and fettaccine alfrado. In actuality, though, Ashley made the brushetta, and she didn't burn it! Granted, she didn't have to cook anything. Well, that's partially not true. You have to put the brushetta in the oven to melt the cheese. But when she was going to do that, she was just going to put the brushetta on the bread and then cook it. That sounds all fine and dandy, and yes, that is partly the correct thing to do, but in real life, the brushetta (which is a tomato-y sauce, if you already don't know) sinks into the bread and makes it go soggy. I bet anything that nobody wants to eat soggy bread. So, in conclusion to that long story, I helped her with the baking of the bread/brushetta/melting of the cheese.

And the conclusion to this, is that my blog is re-designed. Lauren did a fabulous, fabulous job! Thanks, woman! :)

The food turned out delicious, too. And man, Just Dance is a party.

P.S. I'm obsessed with watching So You Think You Can Dance on Youtube, because I don't actually watch the show. . . . Last night, by the time it was one in the morning, I decided to go upstairs and clean up the mess in the kitchen. What actually happened is that the computer that was sitting five steps away was calling my name, so I distracted myself with the said past-time. Soon, other people started to join me, and one by one, almost everybody was up there watching too. Apparently it's not just my favorite past time either. :) This dance is my favorite one, though. Enjoy! :)


  1. thank YOU! i am still drooling about that crab salad. you should probably need a redesign soon. so we can have another party.