Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Surprise

When I got home Tuesday night, I sighed with relief because it was over. And then I realized it was over. . . Just a few weeks previous, Aunt Lisa had texted me telling her plan about Kayley's 21st birthday party she intended to have be a surprise. She wanted my help with the decorations, and I was thrilled by the invitation! With a meeting beforehand deciding the whats of the party, a Saturday afternoon filled with tissue paper puff balls (and, thanks to Lisa, delicious treats that were honestly to die for), and a Monday night spent cutting, gluing, and crafting a very large Happy Birthday sign, Kayley's surprise party turned into a success. . . . a very cute success- if I do say so myself.

 Most of the decorating goes to my mom and my cousin Megan. I got to Noah's late, and so by the time of my arrival, the tables were already set up. They did a fabulous job! Also, a tribute to my cousin's band: Old Port & the Religious Enforcers. They're really good, so you should like them too. (:

Happy 21st, Kayley! Hope it was the biggest surprise you've ever dreamed of. (:

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