Sunday, November 4, 2012

The History of My Life Thus Far: In Pictures. . . Maybe a Few Words Too.

My lovely friend and across the street neighbor Lexie wanted to have a nice dinner with her and her boyfriend, so I told her I would cater and decorate. This was the end result. I think it looked lovely. (: Here's my new plan, too: I'm not a huge fan of the whole high school/school dance dating right now, but I do like to make food. So, I want to start my own amateurish catering business. If you or someone you know wants to have their dinner date catered, give them my name or shoot me a call or message on facebook! (:
Mr. Caveman. . . A night where boys embraced their true narcissistic nature, because let's be real, they're more vain than girls. (: It was fun, nonetheless, in the most non-funny way. Also, the above pictures are a few of my wonderful friends. Sarah makes the best faces, and Jade and Megan just are all around adorable. 
Congratulations to Lynsey for getting married!!!

Oh, and I got pied in the face. Checked that one off of the bucket list finally!!! I recommend it to everybody. (:

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  1. your life looks entertaining, i guess i'll have to keep checking in to find out more :)