Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Light of the Holiday

 Thanksgiving is such a grand holiday, so I better start out by saying that I'm grateful for it. . . And food. (: I am so, so, so very grateful for food because believe it or not, I'd die with out it. But seriously. My family and I, along with our family friend Sydney Thompson, went to my Aunt Julie's house. Julie, honestly, is the best cook I know. My mom, on the other hand, is the best pie maker I know. My mouth is just watering from thinking about her pecan pie- so good! It was also good to spend the day with family, so I'm just going to say I'm grateful for them too. Who else would I have crazy dance parties with? Which, those dance parties, I'm grateful for because they burn the tons of calories I intake (I love food, remember?). . . I should probably still run, which I need to do. . . Anyway! This Thanksgiving was such a good one, as it always is.

 At about 9, my neighbor Kimberly called me asking if I'd be her partner in Black Friday shopping- she was leaving at 11:30.
"Oh, sure," I told her.
By 11, I had finished watching Inception and was so tired. I laid in my bed trying not to fall asleep; waiting for 11:30. I don't know how I woke up to it, but when Kimberly texted me that she was outside, I woke up, got my shoes on, and headed out the door. Nonetheless, I was so out of it (The next day, I was trying to remember some of the things I told Kimberly, and I couldn't. Um, yeah, hoping it wasn't too embarrassing). Anyway, the only place Kimberly wanted to go was Jo-Ann's, but when we got there, not a single car was in the parking lot.
"I thought it opened at midnight," Kimberly said.
Searching her phone, we found that it actually opened at 6am the next morning or I guess that morning. . . . A little put out, and kind of humored, we decided we would try Kohl's. After getting there and seeing the enormous, snaked line and the police control, we decided that Black Friday wasn't worth it, and we headed home. Despite, our slightly failed attempt to take on rare deals, I got a great night's sleep that night. (:

In light of the Thanksgiving Break, it's been absolutely fantastic. I've done nothing but read this book, and let me tell you- it's amazing! So, please, to whomever is reading this, read it!!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving, and is continuing to have an equally great Thanksgiving Break; I officially welcome us all to the most wonderful time of the year. And Christmas music. (:

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