Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Misplaced Might Be Found

Today, as I was cleaning my room, a liquid thought ran through my brain.

"Hey, Sid, your camera cord is in the jewelry box," it said.

So I looked, and lo and behold there it was! Later, as I was vacuuming and pondering on this strange, strange occurrence, I decided that my mind is made up of two psyches (we're not going to go as far as two personalities, but it might be debatable) and the lesser known did this.

Honestly, of all the places to put my camera cord it was in the decorative jewelry box where, as you can see, I put the broken or misplaced knickknacks. And, better yet, I put it not on the top level of the box where it's plain and simple to find- no, I put it below where there was no possible way in anything that I was even going to think of looking there. Besides, of course, randomly when I was cleaning my room.

This was a strange find. Momentous, yes, because now I can add pictures along with my stories, but still very strange. For future reference, my cord will be in my bedside table. . . that is, of course, if I move it which is possible. At this point, we never know.

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  1. I love you.
    Your posts make me laugh.
    You're adorable. (: