Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013

New Years was a big exhibition over in my world. You see, I'm part of my stake's Youth Committee, and this year for New Years (or the Saturday before), my stake was assigned the Stake Dance. Obviously, we had to make it awesome. I was apart of the decorating committee, and for three days I practically got no sleep because delegation wasn't working out. However, that's not entirely true, because Shaylee was lovely and cut out all the triangles for the banners, cut the yarn poms, and stayed up with me the Friday night before. Also, the morning and afternoon of the dance many of the other members of the committee came together and we worked as hard and fast as we could to get the decorations completed, which we did! Hearing the words 'we're done' had never been music to my ears until that moment.

The actual decorating was another process seeing as we then had to transport everything from the church to the Jr. High. We'll just say we ran into serious complications as the puff balls were in knots and the streamers were not done correctly and we didn't have time to fix any of it. It's okay, though, I understand that my frustrations and expectations are ones that don't matter, so I've overcome my pride and have learned to move on. Really. Because the dance was fantastic. SO many people showed up when I really thought that nobody would show up. People from all around Utah County and probably some that weren't showed up, and so by the end of the night, I felt the wave of accomplishment of taking part in helping people have a good time- the decorations really didn't matter. Besides, our (as in mine and Shaylee's) photo booth turned out sooo darling. So much so, that's really the only pictures I have. . . ha.

 Let me tell you the brief story of the photo booth, because it's a good one. You see, it was Friday night. Shay and I had been working on party decorations all day long, but we still needed to assemble and purchase the PVC pipe for the photo booth. I had gone to Home Depot and Lowes earlier that day to price the PVC pipe, found that Lowes was significantly cheaper, and so assembling and buying really was all that we needed to do. The two of us drove our way over and began to assemble. After two structures that wouldn't hold and an hour later, we finally had our structure. Granted we looked pathetic and during that hour we had employees and consumers alike staring at us and laughing at us, and one nice man even came over to us asking us if we needed help- We declined with a laugh and told him that we probably looked pathetic, but he gracefully told us we looked cute. However, we accomplished it. We decided that we didn't want to have the embarrassment of going to a normal check out, so we decided to go to a self check out. BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! The computer froze and needed assistance, and when we finally got it, the employee was so mean to us. She acted put out and annoyed that we were buying so much PVC pipe or that we were young and buying PVC pipe. . . I don't know what it was, but it wasn't the happiest check out experience. We got out of there quickly when it was over, though, and when the whole thing was set up- it was truly a success.

The actual day of New Year's: Monday, was so fun! Lauren and Ashley invited over a bunch of their friends as well as our cousin Kayley and Aunt Lisa to play Just Dance. It. Was. Fantastic. Really!! Nothing is better than getting together with great people to dance away. And, when the clock struck 12 fireworks boomed in the 790 North cul-de-sac. The irony is the illegal fireworks were purchased by the police officer . . . They definitely looked nice and brought the celebration into the new year.

 This last group of pictures is probably my favorite. My Aunt Lisa loves the song Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez, and conveniently Just Dance 4 has the dance. So, my neighbor Rod, Kayley, and Lisa were the ones to do the dance- it really was so great!

Well, folks, we're beginning another year. I hope your holidays have been safe and festive. Though, it's a cliche, and really we only say it's a new year because the numbers change, it really doesn't feel like one. It's an excuse to just stop and be grateful for what we have, evaluate what we're doing well, keep doing those things and set goals to do some things differently. It's a good excuse to do so, however, don't hold the new year as an excuse to change things about your life- do it because change is good.

Remember the good times you've had this past year- I know I've definitely had some good ones and most importantly: happy 2013

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