Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's To What's Left

Welcome to my day today. I have been sitting here in my leggings and oversized t-shirt with my bed head hair and relieved eyes from no contacts doing my homework, which I dreaded doing all break. So now I'm doing it. Except for now, obviously. For two hours I have been listening to an interview I had done awhile ago with my neighbor and typing it up . . . it's glorious work. The interview had some good things to say, however, so it hasn't been all tedious. And, I worked on my Art History study guide for my final this week which wasn't tedious either. I actually learned (gasp, right?) some very, very interesting things, and it reminds me how much I really do love just sitting and studying.

I keep wondering if I'm dreading school tomorrow because I'm conditioned to be that way or because I love sleeping in oh, so much. Either way, tomorrow's Thursday and then the weekend which allows me to do more of my procrastinated work. The Christmas break has been magnificent, I can't lie, and I'll truly miss it as I always do. It's hard to go back to the grime, but the grime means a little change and only 5 months until summer.

*I'll write about my break another time . . . as you can see, there's still much more to do. Until next time. (:

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