Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Days have ended; Cardigans Are Coming

High School. 
Do you understand that I've been waiting for this time of my life 
uh. . . all my life, 
and now it's just suddenly here, thrust upon me? 
I love high school with a passion, though. It really is great. 
Why? Well. . .

1. Everybody is friendly. Even the once unfriendly people you would have ran away from in junior high

2. I eat lunch outside everyday

3. My locker buddy is Bailey Crump. I was so glad she didn't steal my lunch! 

A little story: Honestly, on the first day, high school gave me a fright (what movie? :) It's my favorite!). And what might you ask was I most scared about? My locker buddy stealing my lunch. I didn't know who they were, and I convinced myself that they were some big bully that wanted my lunch which consisted of goldfish, a sandwich and carrots. But, yesterday, Bailey was there at "the locker" and boy was I glad to become aware that my lunch will not be stolen this year. Thanks, Bailey, you're a gem, and a good locker buddy!

4. I feel important by my teachers

5. I made 3 new friends: Chandler (girl) Hayley (she has pretty long hair and wears cool vintage boots) and Kenzie (she's in french with me; enough said)

6. Madam Mcfarland is the absolute best. The language of french is also very nice. I enjoy that class. I think it's the best that there's only 17 people? 

7. We're singing all love songs in choir. Love songs just might be the funnest songs. . . also, two of them are by the Supremes. Go look those lovely girls up. :) 

8. Mrs. Warby reminds me of Julia Childs, and makes me laugh for 83 minutes every B day. Her laugh also just might be one of the most contagious. Also, I really enjoy pretending like I can sing, so the class of just singing is kind of a good time.

9. I love the hallways. I don't know why- I just do.

10. I love  meeting new cute boys like I did today :)

11. I think seeing the color guard and Cory, the director, every morning is enjoyable. It brings back memories and I like to remember things. A lot.

12. I like Driver's Ed. 

13. My seminary teacher Brother Mcguire is the best. He knows how to get the spirit to touch me personally ever time. It's only been twice, but still.

13. I even like chemistry. My teacher teachers unlike last year (grrr, Mrs. Bates! That's what Mrs. Warby would say. . . :))

Another story: I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning last night doing Chemistry. I didn't like it very much then. I didn't like anything school at that time. My point, though, is that I thought some notes were due today in Chemistry. They weren't, and so I could have gotten the full 8 hours I needed instead of the actual 4 that I got. My eyes have been drooping all day and my concentration level is at zero.

In any case, high school is great. My classes are great, I'm not lost in the school- as much- anymore, my lunch was not and will not get stolen, and I can sleep in tomorrow.

I also feel like doing this. It's been awhile, and dance parties are the greatest!

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  1. See, Sid? High school is (for the most part) pretty sweet. And I though you'd like Warby- she is so hilarious! Just wait, there are plenty of stories you will hear this year. :)