Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A little story:
I was sitting in English today; talking. 
You know, what I usually do. 
(this was not during any lecture or lesson, so I am happy to say it was correct talking) 
I was talking to this kid about something that has left my head at this moment. . . 
It's not important, though.
Anyway, I was talking to this kid:
 When I ended my phrase, I was going to say this boy's name. 
I knew it was David, but when I went to say it, it didn't sound right, 
so, as I said it, I faltered and looked at him questioningly. 
And then he said, "Big Wave Dave" 
In my head I said, "Whaaa?!" 
but out loud I said, "Oh, haha, but your name is David, right?"
I was right. 
And then I asked, "You know my name right?" 
And he said, "Ashley?" 
In my head I said, "Whoa, that's kind of weird he just said that." 
Out loud I said, "No! That's my sister's name." 
And then he said, "Well, you must look just like her." 
And I said, "Actually, I do! But my name is Sidney."
And then, the conversation ended.

(Sorry, Ash, I didn't name this post specifically for you. . . I guess you'll just have to get used to people thinking you're me and I'm you. Be safe in China! :))

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