Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Hey! Meet The Fam

My sister is going to China for four long months. And so she said to me, "Sid, you better post something every single day." And seeing as she isn't wanting to hear about a 15 year old's woes at the old (or new?) high school, the family-and dog-is going to be a large topic around this old bloggy town. And seeing as most of the readers who actually read my blog (if you want updates on the fam, you're gonna have to read, Ash. . . ) are not in the know of my good old family, I'm going tell you who's who and what's what. Ready? Okay, good.

 This good man is my papa. His name is Rod. Actually it's Rodney. . . we call him Rod, though. Well, I call him dad, but. . . anyway, his name is Rod. He engineers during the day and at night he spends his days in a house full of girls. We have converted him to Pride and Prejudice and many other chick flicks, and he tries to get us to like sports. Lauren (You'll meet her later) is the only winner. He tries to be funny all the time, and sometimes he is. Like when he's giving a talk in sacrament meeting and tells Christian Succo, who, prior, had been talking about P90X, "If you keep going, you'll look just like me." Sometimes I have to get after him and tell him that he can't talk to my friends because he is too weird. He does anyway. It's okay, though, we still love him.
I am aware you can't see her face. The woman won't let anyone take a picture of her. If you just put my face in where her face should be, you'll be good.
This is the momma of the family. Her name is Liz. Just like my dad, her full name is Elizabeth, but we, you call her Liz. She brings in the whole reading, writing aspect of my personality (or any of my sisters' personalities) She's teaching at UVU "ethics and values" and she's the go to person for anything English. I usually have to tell her to speak English instead of the high intellectual language when she explains, but it's kind of nice having the help anyway.
Disregard Lauren in the background
This here is Ashley, the one going to China. She's 20; 21 in September. She goes to BYU and is majoring in English. A.K.A the family business. She's 4'11" like me (You don't have half an inch on me, Ash, face it) and when she comes home, her clothing doubles up as a second wardrobe for me. It's nice. ;) She makes us laugh with her random names for the dog, witty remarks, and weirdo dance moves.

This is Lauren. Haha, the picture basically sums it up. She's in 12th grade, and plays on the soccer team. I would try to tell you her actual position on the team, but I might get the technicality of it wrong. Defender is my dumbed down version of it. She also, like Ashley, has weirdo dance moves, and her and I break out in dance at least once during the day. Lauren's in love with french. She is marrying a french man and he will be attractive and I will visit her in France, no, I will live with her in France when she's there. She's always studying, which is a great thing, but sometimes makes me feel unqualified to be in her presence. You're too smart for me, Lou. . . Haha, I'm kidding. :) She really is quite a scholar student, though!

Last but not least is the dog; Ginny. She's the baby, and is spoiled rotten. Not to mention obese. She dislikes almost everybody except Dad, Lauren, and Mom. In that order. Ashley is on the iffy side, but me? No, I'm the enemy. She tries to bite me everyday, but she always gets in trouble so she licks my hand as she bares her teeth. It's a funny sight and I just tell her she has a pretty smile. According to Ashley, she can only be talked to in baby talk, and unfortunately, that's all we talk to her in. It's okay if you don't like her. Most people don't. . . :)

So, there you have it! The Brocious family that lives in the yellow house. I hope I don't bore those few people who read this blog with random stories about the above people. . . It's for a purpose, so it counts for something.

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