Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scared-y Dog

Last night, as most of you know, there was a ginormous rain storm. I mean, the lightning lit up the sky, the thunder made the windows rattle, and the rain sounded like a sprinkler was stuck and just was watering your window. Am I complaining, though? Of course not! Lightning is probably one of the coolest sights, thunder is the best sound in all of the world, and rain is the best smell and feel. {I played night games just down the street, and I had to run home in the rain. I was soaked. :)}

I decided to stay up late, though, and so, a funny little thing happened. The parents and sister had all gone to bed, leaving the upstairs dark. I was downstairs on the computer, doing EHS. Lightning would flash; thunder boomed 5 seconds later, and the dog was freaking out. So, she came and layed by me. Let me remind you that the dog does not like me at all.

Then, I went to bed. I turned off all the lights except my lamp, so I could read a little. And who comes shyly into my room? Oh, none other than Ginny. I thought it was so funny! So, I had to take a picture of it. First, to prove that it actually happened (I think the dog has only been in my room like twice), and so you can laugh too.
(Sorry, creepy eyes)
She was a silly dog last night being all scared. Maybe there will be lots of rain storms. That way, she can keep coming into my room to be comforted by my light. We could really start to bond. . . :)

Also, when I ran up to get the camera, this was just on the floor:

I don't even know what it is! All I know is that it's huge and it gave me a fright.

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