Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Concerts

Did you know that there are free concerts in Orem at the Scera Shell?! Well, there are, and my good friend Shay kindly invited me to tag along with her and Danielle Frost to one of them tonight. It was such a good time with quality music! The basis of it was for charity for a group called Now I Can which helps families with disabled children who can't afford physical therapy.

They had Lindsey Stirling- an AMAZING violinist!

Dyer Highway- Tel, Tiann and Mady Dyer. I was so super, duper excited when they said they were performing! Mady and Tiann are two of my best friends both of which are sooo talented! You should buy their album? You'll enjoy it. :)

The One Voice Children's Choir- these kids can sing! I was so amazed by all of their voices. It's my dream to sing, and they just made me want to sing that much more!

And then. . .. They had this group called: The Answer. They were amazing, and I was infatuated with every single one of the guys in the band. They had amazing voices, their songs were deep and meaningful, and they didn't even sound cliche or like an amateur boy band. They are easily on my top 5 which kind of sucks seeing as they're brand new and don't have an album yet. Jerrett Burns, one of the lead singers, does, though, so I'll just have to get that. :)

So, lesson learned today? Go to the Scera Shell more often for free concerts; they're good!

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