Monday, November 21, 2011

"Low as the Laughter of the Cricket, Loud, as the Thunder's Tongue-"

I'm thankful for days like today. I woke up early, early to go to Seminary. I pulled on my layered outfit: oxford shirt, V-neck sweater, fall; fitted jacket, jeans and boots, and as I walked outside into the falling rain and cold air, I was toasty warm. Not even one goose bump was raised on my arm.

I received delicious cookies from Alec. She's the best, honestly. If everyone was like her, the world wouldn't be blighted. :) Plus, I ate those delicious cookies while doing research and listening to lots of music today during Study Skills. Granted I really gorged on the cookies and ate all of them, but that was mainly out of nervousness and done subconsciously. 

I received full credit on a quiz I should have failed, and didn't have to turn my lab in that we did last class period in Chemistry. Mr. Adamson said it was for practice. I looked up to the heavens and sang hallelujah. Also, our lab consisted of different colors and the need to describe them. Our group got super excited and tried to go as far out as we possibly could. Seeing as the most creative we got was "Bacon grease" and "Sunny D Yellow," we aren't the most creative. It was fun, though, and it brought color into the gray class. (haha :))

We watched Finding Nemo in French today. I have this obsession with soundtracks of movies. Nemo is in one of my tops; seriously! Go look it up right now. I promise you'll love it. Not even to mention the actual talking sounds better in french too. It was nice. I also have this strong urge to watch Series of Unfortunate Events. Mainly because it's soundtrack is awesome too. Actually, Nemo and Lemony Snicket's soundtracks are quite similar.

Basically, I think I find lots of joy in music. I wish I was musically talented, but seeing as I'm not, and never will be, I spend my time listening and listening and fawning over soundtracks, new songs, and grooveshark. I think you should also go back and listen to The Lime Tree song again. I'm obsessed- completely. I also find lots of joy in laughter. This post is bringing me laughter, actually, which makes it all that much better. I'm going to now apologize in the middle of it for the scatter-brain-mess.

Also, If you ever get the chance, spend your day at the Library. It's a good place for serenity. It's quiet and relaxing and makes you want to soak up anything you can learn. That is, if it isn't math. I gave up well into my second minute of being there. I went to look for some Emily Dickinson, but seeing as the American Fork library has a very, very sad selection of books, they didn't have anything. So, instead, I grabbed the complete works of Shelley, Keats, and Byron. Poetry is fascinating, and one day I'll be able to understand it.

And to end this good day? I ate Cafe Rio for dinner, Tomorrow is technically Friday, and I get to sleep into it with an early bed time.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I got so excited when you mentioned the Finding Nemo soundtrack! The composer is named Thomas Newman and he's one of my most favoritest composers ever. :) He also did the music for A Series of Unfortunate Events and Little Women. I'm glad you appreciate him, too!