Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for the Thankful Day

Thanksgiving was a success this year. I always is, but each year I'm (am I wrong to say everybody?) always reminded just how fantastic the day is. You're eating to your heart's content and there's nobody to stop you- what's to complain about?

This year we had the party at our house. Luckily it was the small side of the family, so the crowded-ness that usually accompanies our tiny house, wasn't too bad.

 My favorite is my dad wearing my Christmas apron that is even too small for me. Yes, there are ruffles at the bottom. :) Anyway, the entire day was fantastic and delicious and happy. . . . 

. . . .  And we were all stuffed to the brims. It's totally worth it!

 This last picture is probably my favorite just because it sums everybody up perfectly. Family time is the best, and needless to say, I have a pretty cool family. Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

I didn't go Black Friday shopping. I feel as if that little thing is overrated. Maybe that's just because I've never gone- I cherish my sleep too much and my healthy bones. I just know that if I go, I'll get pummeled and every single bone in my body will be broken. It did start move the Holiday season nicely into Christmas, though. You can now listen to 100.3 without shame. :)

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