Monday, November 7, 2011

Mondays and Cups of Cocoa

Last week's weather turned frigid cold, and so, I made the proposition on Monday to my good friend Dani, who takes me home, that we should go get some hot chocolate. I had heard that Starbucks makes some of the best, so I proposed that place specifically. Long story short, we did get our hot chocolate. . . and man, it was amazing. Carmel hot chocolate is probably one of the best inventions ever; not even to mention their pumpkin bread and scones. Heaven, people, heaven!

On top of the deliciousness entering into our stomachs, you've got the smell of coffee, which is equally heaven, and also the fun city feeling. Each time we've gone into the small shop, there are always people talking quietly on their cell phones, to each other, or even, people sitting at the small tables working on their laptop, on homework, or personally my favorite, having business meetings (there was a group of people having a business meeting when we walked in today, and I just smiled to myself). Everyone is in their own little world, which allows you to look at them, and make up their story based on what you observe. It's such an independent feeling to me, and it feels good! 

We decided, though, it's probably not very smart to go every single day of the week. Bummer, I know. Our solution was to make the dreary day of Monday into something fantastic! Starbucks is that solution, and it's a delicious one at that!


  1. try the carmel apple cider! so good! (:

  2. Mmmmmm... I love Starbucks hot chocolate! But personally, I like their regular plain old hot chocolate. :) I've always wanted to try the hot chocolate at Flour Girls & Dough Boys, though. Too bad I'm not carpooling with you two! :)