Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've now decided I am officially a facebook addict. Some people, as in my family, would roll their eyes and tell me that I am stupid and that I am wasting my time. My opinion though, is that who cares? Not me that's who. It's my own little guilty pleasure. some people use Twilight as their guily pleaure. At these people I would roll my eyes at. Twilight really is a waste of your time. At least I spend my time in the real world gossiping about real things. Twilight is all fantasy and stupid. Anyway, If I actually make myself not go onto facebook, I have nothing to do with my life. (Being in Jr. High I don't get much homework..)Facebook rules!

P.S. Along with facebook I absolutely love Sundays! Sundays are always sunny and cheerful. You will never ever see me frown on this day.

(Above is my favorite song ever to listen to on Sundays. It's called "Carribean Blue" by Enya. Enya brings me peace and joy every time I listen to her songs. Thanks Enya for being so amazing!)

Sincerely, Sidney

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  1. I must say, Caribbean Blue is one of my favorites, too. :)