Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Science project

I've decided that I really hate science! It's the absolute worst! I have this project due tomorrow. It's a really big assignment worth a lot of points. Let me tell you this little detail also; TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF THE TERM!! What?! In my opinion it's a little harsh to assign big assignments that could possibly keep you from that goal 4.0. I told my mom this and she just laughed. I didn't find it humorous at all. My teacher on the other hand is a complete idiot. (In his case this is a compliment, but I use it as an insult). This man made me cry because he was grading me really harsh. Not even kidding you. One of our projects failed and I I'm crossing my fingers that he sees it as a good thing and not a bad.... Stressful days of Jr. High.....Can't wait until college.

*note: If you use a sarcastic tone with the last sentence you may find it funny. Just sayin'
*Another Note: The picture above is of an evil scientist. Therefore, it proves my point that science is completely evil! haha

Sincerely, Sidney

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  1. Hey Sid, with your "About Me" section– AF is not a small town. :) And the good thing about end-of-term is that it means you only have one more term to go!