Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Man, It's been awhile! Lots have happened! The first and very most important thing is that I am going to HAWAII!! I'm so excited. There wasn't even a hesitation with the parents. I'm one lucky girl. Also, I am 85 dollars into it. only 815 dollars to go!

The science project I was stressed about, ya, I got all 75 points. I got up with my partner, talked for about two seconds, showed him our page about what we found and then he gave us the points. My stress was totally wasted! That darn man. It's still the subject from the devil though! Another thing concerning science, Last night the fam and I were talking about schools and what needs to happen to improve. I brought up the subject about my wonderful science teacher. I told them how he doesn't teach. He just tell and expects us to fully understand. (He's wrong by the way). My parents asked me if I was reading my text book out of the classroom if I didn't understand. Obviously I said no. Who does that? So, now I have to read my textbook before I go complain. Being the good person I am, I'm up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

I am in Holocaust world right now! We are starting to read The Diary of Anne Frank ( fun fact: Did you know that her name is actually pronounced ah-nn-ah? It is true) so we are learning about it in English. We are also learning about the Holocaust in German. We are watching the movie Jakob the Liar. It's about a Jew named Jakob who lived in the Ghetto. It's interesting, but also sad. Obviously because it is set during the Holocaust. I also finished this book called The Book Thief. It is about a girl who lives during Nazi Germany. Her mother can't take care of her so Liesel (the main character) Goes and lives with foster parents who later on hide a Jew in their basement. I cried at the end. A cool thing about this book is that it is told in the point of view of death. I highly recommend it. Finally, I watched the movie The Boy in Striped Pajamas. This is one of THE saddest movies of all times. I cried and cried. It's about a little boy who befriends a jewish boy in a concentration camp. Everybody I have talked to said they cried during this movie. So, beware if you are planning on watching it!

On a happier note, ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL D.C!!! Cannot wait!


  1. Hawaii?? Again? Dang, Sid. :) I've never been to Hawaii in my life!

  2. OH man sidney... :) I love you!!! :D

  3. Baby Sidney! Why are you going to D.C.? Also, I just finished The Book Thief. LOVED IT.

    P.S. Guess who's moving home in 11 days?!! We're going to be BFF again!

  4. Lyns...(I don't know if posting comments on your own blog is completely stupid, but I'm doing it anyway. Don't judge me I'm new) The fam and I, minus Ash, are going for Spring Break! I'm sooooo excited! I finished The Book Theif too!! Twinners! I loved it too! It acutally made me cry at the end! I'm way excited for you to come home!
    P.S. Did you notice how I am trying to post things on your blog? See, I listened during our tanning sessions :)

  5. thanks sid I'm glad I'm a number to minus out of the family. One day you should watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas with me WHEN I read the book. And by the way I'm going to the Anne Frank House this summer! Don't worry I'll take lots of pictures for you.

  6. Well, I think you should just take me with you :) Then we don't ever have to talk about minusing anybody out of the family.