Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of the Box

So, basically, I'm trying lots of new things! I recently started color guard. It's so weird and so different. I feel like a paper back book laying face down in a pool of water. I'm absorbing all the many new and interesting (Lots of interesting things with color guard. Gay boys just to name one.) things, but I am completely out of place. I can very bluntly say that I hate it! The flag is seriously 6 feet tall. I'm only 4'11" I have come accross problems with these two numbers. The flag landed on my head the other day, and now I have a very big and very painful bruise on my forehead. Not very fun. An upside of color guard, though, is that my coaches are two gay men. It brings much laughter to the early morning practices! One of them, We'll call him Bob, comented on my hair. He asked me if I had cut it, I said no, and he told me, "Well it looks cute anyway." Oh boy! Not the most normal thing to come out of a boy's mouth. All I can say is farewell color guard you will be missed. uh, maybe not.
Sincerly, Sidney

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