Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Like March Resolution

Yesterday, I was just sitting in my chair, in my room; obviously, listening to music on my iPod. Well, one particular song. Called Teenage Dream, but it's not the teenage dream song you're thinking of. It's the same song, but re-made and cleaned. It's better and a lot more meaningful.
Please go HERE to watch the video. For some odd reason my computer wouldn't upload it, so we're just gonna have to do it the hard way... sorry.

As I was listening to this song, I was thinking about the other version. You all know which version I'm talking about, and I can probably be safe in saying you are singing (in your head) a particular part which makes the song basically a play boy magazine. Anyway, I was thinking about it and how acceptable it is today to play those kinds of songs on the radio. Actually, even worse songs like that are playing on the radio now. It's really sad and scary. To think that my kids will be growing up with things.... worse than that.

Then, as I was thinking some more, I thought about my sister Ashley and how she decided to delete all of the pirated music on her iPod. I helped her do this, and I watched her when we were done. It's like a light bulb plopped inside her. She seriously glowed. It's not like she was all smiley or whatever, but she was just, oh, I dunno, brighter. And as I was thinking yesterday, I thought about how my iPod is filled with rap and probably not the best music I could be listening to, so I made a resolution. I am going to follow my sister's example with deleting my pirated music as well as music that is not-with lack of a better word-uplifting.

I was reminded of this resolution this morning too as I woke up. My iPod is my alarm, and the song that came on was Don't Trust Me by 30h!0. Enough said.

I will share with you some of my most favorite songs. Click HERE, HERE, HERE, and I guess we'll just stop HERE. haha those four songs don't even begin all of my favorites, but they are just some of my tops. Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. That's a tough decision to make; good for you! You'll be better off because of it.

  2. Oh Sid! I truly love you. What a great example you are! Thanks for sharing this; it makes me want to be better! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!