Thursday, March 24, 2011


When asked, most people usually say Friday is their favorite day of the week.
Well, not true with me!
I think Friday's are fabulous, but really, Thursdays are the absolute best.
Thursday is a day where you work, work, work, knowing that the next day
brings a long break where you can do absolutely whatever you want.
And then, as you are working, you get that quiet reminder that
"Tomorrow's Friday!"
Then proceeding, butterflies whirl in your stomach, (the good kind, of course)
a smile flashes across your face so fast it's barely recognizable,
and you are able to allow yourself a sigh of relief.
This Thursday, so as in today, has been a great one in particular.
I think it's because this week has been crazy with all the make up work for the end of the term.
(I ended up getting all of my grades to an A... Except for Geometry. That's a B- which kind of stinks.)
Also, on Tuesday, I got a phone call from one of the members of the current Sophomore Council. She told me that because of my failure to meet all of the requirements for the application they wouldn't be able to accept or even to consider my application.
I was disappointed and that one event basically ruined my entire week,
but for some reason the reminder that tomorrow's Friday and the weekend is at hand somehow makes that failure all better.
I remember when I was in Color guard last year and I had Thursday night practices.
They were from 7 to 9 and I would always, always without fail get that excitement
inside me with the thought that TOMORROW'S THE WEEKEND!
I would shout that in my head.
Sometimes I would even shout it out loud.
That just reminds me of when my math teacher in 7th grade would go out into the hallway and scream, "IT'S FRIDAY!!!!"
It would make my day that much better.
This is why I like Thursdays so much more.
It's a happy day, and happy days make me quite ecstatic.
So, happy Thursday.

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