Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Scrooge

I absolutely hate Halloween. Despise, spit at, roll my eyes at, get annoyed with, lock myself in my room, don't go to parties, dress normally, all of the above describe my opinion of the stupid holiday. All it is is an excuse for those excessively weirdo people to show their true character, boys to be stupid, girls to be sluts, and all those "groupies" to prove to everybody that they are in a group together and you are not part of it.

First period there was a boy who dressed as a 70s person and then blasted his hip music down the hall. It was annoying. Or after school, a group of boys who had dressed in their "groupie" outfits, which included masks, got up in my face and basically invaded any form of personal space while doing some kind of grunt? I had, and still don't know what in the heck they were doing, but it was stupid.

In math, there was a girl who dressed up as a cat. That alone should make you look questioningly at the air in front of you. My point, though, is that her skirt covered zero part of her legs, and her stomach was completely hanging out of her jacket. It was gross.

And last, if you weren't either a nurse/doctor, a princess, or a pirate, you were either a) Cowboy for a boy or b) nerd for both genders; mostly girls. This is another reason why I hate Halloween: it just proves to everyone how unoriginal you really are. Now, now, I know I sound like a super pessimist right now, and I can openly admit that I am generalizing everything with my large opinion, so I would like to say, if I did dress up for Halloween, I thought it would be funny if I got a red wig and was Sydney Brocious. I think it would be also funny if Sydney got a brown wig and was me. There's always an idea for next year I guess. . .

For all of you Halloween lovers out there, I do hope you had a fabulous day. For all of you people who are rolling your eyes at my negative comments, I will tell you one plus to Halloween. It's this: the holidays have officially started, and boy does that feel nice!

In other news, I'm loving these three songs: (beware of the last one. The lyrics are stupid and will turn your brain to mush, but the sound will blow your mind!)

I finally talked to Mitchell, and basically all my "depths of despair was stupid- he's super nice! Also, my birthday is in two weeks, I got a 3.9 for the end of term 1, and this week has started out swell. I hope the same for you, too!

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