Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eagle Mountain Showers

My cousin Jerran is getting married next month. November 12th to be exact. So, this past weekend my Aunt Julie along with Stenna Andersen threw a bridal shower for Liz, his fiance.

"We love and miss you, Ash!" Love: Aunt Corrin and BreAnn

Seeing as my Aunt Julie just might be the best cook ever, the food was completely fantastic. It was really good to see the aunts again, and to meet Liz and her family, too. It's crazy how everybody is growing up; getting married. I remember when the baby above was born. She's so old now! I remember going on camping trips, playing card games, riding four wheelers, going as fast as I can as if there was no care in the world, because right then in that moment, there was no care. Sometimes I miss those times, really I do. I go to school and realize just how old I am. The fact that I'll be on my own in just two years, is scary! I try to resist by saying I'm too short for it! Really, I am, but then, I remember that in two years I'm actually just getting to start my life. I get to make new memories, and look back on them as I look back on my good memories now.

Life is good, family is family, and that's a fantastic thing. I wish Liz and Jerron the best of luck; they deserve it. :)

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